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Journal Article
Is the rust belt's revival real?
An exploration of the causes of the improved performance of the Great Lakes region in the 1990-91 recession relative to past economic downturns, and a prediction that the mild levels and duration of employment loss posted here during the past two years cannot be assured to continue in the next recession.
AUTHORS: Anderson, Gerald H.
DATE: 1992-03

Journal Article
Are the Great Lakes cities becoming service centers?
A look at how the dwindling manufacturing base in the Midwest's 10 major metropolitan areas has transformed them into service centers for their surrounding communities, which have picked up many of the factory jobs that have left the cities.
AUTHORS: Groshen, Erica L.; Robertson, Laura
DATE: 1993-06

Journal Article
\\"Musseling\\" in on the Ninth District economy: How many clams will it cost?
AUTHORS: Cataldo, Rosie
DATE: 2001-01

Journal Article
The 'big drink' a few swallows short
AUTHORS: Wirtz, Ronald A.
DATE: 2000-07

Conference Paper
Great Lakes central counties: is the era of greenfield development coming to an end?
AUTHORS: Bier, Thomas; Austrian, Ziona
DATE: 1996

Conference Paper
The Great Lakes economy revisited
AUTHORS: Swonk, Diane C.
DATE: 1996

Conference Paper
Foreign direct investment and the Great Lakes region, 1987-91
AUTHORS: Aguilar, Linda M.
DATE: 1996

Journal Article
Preview of the Great Lakes economy looking north and south
AUTHORS: Testa, William A.
DATE: 1991-05

The binational Great Lakes economy
AUTHORS: Oppedahl, David B.; Merkel, Loula S.; Testa, William A.
DATE: 2000-05


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