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Journal Article
Is there a need for regulation in the government securities market?

New England Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 29-40

The estimated macroeconomic effects of the Federal Reserve's large-scale Treasury purchase program

This brief examines an issue of current importance to the conduct of U.S. economic policy: how has the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) plan to purchase up to $600 billion of Treasury securities by June 30, 2011 affected the movement of inflation, GDP, and employment to more desirable medium-term and long-term levels? Following the FOMC's announcement of the plan on November 3, 2010, other events that potentially influence Treasury yields have been at play. To estimate the effects that the FOMC Treasury purchases may have on the goal of achieving more desirable levels of inflation and ...
Public Policy Brief

Journal Article
Can TIPS help identify long-term inflation expectations?

Investors and policymakers have long hoped that Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) would provide an accurate measure of long-term market inflation expectations. To make informed decisions and to ensure that inflation does not erode the purchasing power of their assets, investors need to assess the rate of inflation expected by other market participants. Having an accurate measure of market inflation expectations can also help policymakers assess their effectiveness in controlling long-term inflation, as well as their credibility among market participants.> Until recently, however, ...
Economic Review , Volume 86 , Issue Q IV , Pages 61-87

Journal Article
The role of stripped securities in portfolio management

Economic Review , Volume 73 , Issue May , Pages 20-31

Journal Article
Features and risks of Treasury Inflation Protection Securities

In 1997, the U.S. Treasury began the quarterly issuance of inflation indexed bonds, called Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS). So far, the Treasury has issued both 5-year and 10-year indexed bonds and will begin to issue 30-year indexed bonds and inflation indexed savings bonds in 1998. TIPS differ from conventional Treasury bonds in both their payment flows and risks. With virtually no inflation risk, they are the safest assets currently available in the U.S. market. Combined with conventional Treasury bonds, they allow investors to separate inflation risk from real interest ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q I , Pages 23-38

Working Paper
Requiem for a market marker: the case of Drexel Burham Lambert and below-investment-grade bonds

Working Paper Series, Issues in Financial Regulation , Paper WP-97-25

Discussion Paper
Clearance and settlement in U.S. securities markets

Staff Studies , Paper 163

Journal Article
The money and banking system in wartime

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 1137-1146

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, April 2, 1993(trends in bank lending and purchase of government securities by commercial banks)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun , Pages 609-613

Journal Article
Credit developments and the government security market

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 1455-1463



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