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Keywords:Government lending 

Working Paper
Entrepreneurship and government subsidies under capital constraints: a general equilibrium analysis

This paper studies the interaction of capital constraints with business formation, growth and destruction, and the policy implications of this interaction. A dynamic general equilibrium model is constructed and shown to be consistent with recent empirical finding on this subject. In the model, agents face uninsurable income risk and costly financial intermediation, and they choose to be either a worker or an entrepreneur. A calibrated version of the model is used to examine two government assistance programs: loan guarantees and grants. The main findings are that both programs can improve ...
Working Paper , Paper 97-09

Working Paper
Rent seeking bureaucracies and oversight in a simple growth model

Following recent cross-country empirical work, research on public policy and growth has come to examine the impact of inefficient or corrupt bureaucracies. Most of this work has emphasized the interactions of bureaucracies with private markets. By contrast, this paper focuses on the relationship between rent-seeking bureaucracies and their political authority. We show that when oversight is relatively costly, as in many developing economies, the political authority exercises little monitoring of its agencies which reduces the effectiveness of productive government spending. Moreover, when the ...
Working Paper , Paper 98-03

Journal Article
Foreign housing finance: America’s unique mortgage finance system is facing renovation. The approaches of other developed nations may provide some guidance for reform.

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FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
War loan drive and the money market

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 369-377

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Treasury war finance

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov , Pages 1049-1057

Journal Article
Government loan and guarantee programs

Review , Volume 65 , Issue Dec , Pages 22-30

Journal Article
Government loan, guarantee, and grant programs: an evaluation

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 25-52

Journal Article
Editor's introduction

Review , Volume 88 , Issue Jul , Pages 221-234