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Keywords:Gold - Prices 

Journal Article
Tumbling gold
AUTHORS: Cheng, Hang-Sheng
DATE: 1975

Journal Article
Gold prices
The price of gold commands attention because it serves as an indicator of general price stability or inflation. But gold is also a commodity, used in jewelry and by industry, so demand and supply affect its pricing and need to be considered when gold is a factor in monetary policy decisions.
AUTHORS: Haubrich, Joseph G.
DATE: 1998-03

Journal Article
Should high gold prices be a source of concern?
AUTHORS: Koenig, Evan F.
DATE: 1996-07

Journal Article
Gold--quo vadis?
AUTHORS: Cheng, Hang-Sheng
DATE: 1975

Journal Article
Why gold?
AUTHORS: Pigott, Charles
DATE: 1979

Journal Article
The private demand for gold, 1931-53
AUTHORS: Tamagna, Frank M.
DATE: 1954-09

Journal Article
Gold as a private hedge against inflation
Special issue on gold
AUTHORS: Penzer, Michael; Keran, Michael W.
DATE: 1975-01

Working Paper
Gold prices and government gold auctions: a test of resource valuation
AUTHORS: Meyer, Stephen A.
DATE: 1986

Journal Article
The economics of gold price movements
An abstract for this article is not available
AUTHORS: Abken, Peter A.
DATE: 1980-03