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Keywords:General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Organization) 

Journal Article
So what if GATT isn't NAFTA?
AUTHORS: Gruben, William C.
DATE: 1994-01

Journal Article
The benefits of GATT for the U.S. and world economies: a round table discussion by Dallas Fed Economists
Dallas Fed Economists discuss the GATT.
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1994-03

Journal Article
Agriculture: key to the Uruguay round
AUTHORS: Sigalla, Fiona
DATE: 1994-03

Journal Article
Is GATT a good deal?
AUTHORS: McTeer, Robert D.
DATE: 1994-03

Journal Article
Tokyo Round in Geneva
AUTHORS: Penzer, Michael
DATE: 1975

Journal Article
GATS and banking in the Pacific Basin
AUTHORS: Moreno, Ramon
DATE: 1994

Journal Article
The new protectionism
AUTHORS: Pigott, Charles
DATE: 1984

Journal Article
Ominous trade winds
AUTHORS: Hutchison, Michael M.
DATE: 1986

Journal Article
Tokyo Round
AUTHORS: Cheng, Hang-Sheng
DATE: 1979

Working Paper
Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?
This paper reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on the use of safeguards in a trade agreement. It then analyzes the available data on the use of safeguards by WTO members to examine two hypotheses in the economics literature, that safeguards improve welfare by facilitating tariff reductions and that safeguards improve welfare by providing insurance against adverse economic shocks. I find that countries which undertook larger tariff reductions during the Uruguay Round conducted more safeguards investigations after the WTO was established. However, this result is not robust across all specifications of the model and should not be regarded as definitive. I find no evidence to support the hypothesis that safeguards improve welfare by providing insurance. The empirical analysis rejects the hypothesis of a relationship between safeguards and aggregate uncertainty.
AUTHORS: Crowley, Meredith A.
DATE: 2006