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Keywords:Gasoline - Prices 

Journal Article
President's perspective
AUTHORS: Fisher, Richard W.
DATE: 2006-09

Journal Article
Noteworthy: energy: oil, gasoline price spikes unlikely in 2009
AUTHORS: Thies, Jackson
DATE: 2008-11

Journal Article
Rising natural gas prices and real economic activity
In the aftermath of the disruptions caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, natural gas prices rose to record-high levels. Because natural gas is an important energy source for the U.S. economy, there was widespread concern that these high prices might cause a significant slowing in the economy - especially among those manufacturing industries that heavily consume natural gas. The analysis presented in this article suggests that output is responsive to natural gas prices in some manufacturing sectors. Although perhaps significant, this result must be balanced against the finding that, when the analysis is extended to the macroeconomy (real gross domestic product growth), increases in crude oil prices significantly predict real gross domestic product growth, but natural gas prices do not.
AUTHORS: Kliesen, Kevin L.
DATE: 2006-11

Journal Article
The impact of rising oil prices on the major foreign industrial countries
AUTHORS: Johnson, Ronald
DATE: 1980-10

Journal Article
U.S. international transactions in 1979: another round of oil price increases
AUTHORS: Jacobson, Laurence R.
DATE: 1980-04

Journal Article
Fueling expected inflation
AUTHORS: Anderson, Richard G.; Gascon, Charles S.
DATE: 2008-09

Journal Article
Paying at the pump : war, winter, and unrest spike gas prices
AUTHORS: Nash, Betty Joyce
DATE: 2003-07