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Keywords:Gambling industry 

Casino development: how would casinos affect New England's economy?
AUTHORS: Tannenwald, Robert
DATE: 1995

Journal Article
Casinos and cities: can they live together?
In 2011, Governor Patrick signed a bill authorizing casinos in Massachusetts. As other New England states consider their options, it is important to explore how casinos might affect the municipalities where they end up being built.
AUTHORS: Mallach, Alan
DATE: 2013-07

Journal Article
Political economy of Indian gaming: the New England experience
AUTHORS: Nathan, Luxman; Henson, Eric
DATE: 2000-01

Working Paper
Spatial competition and cross-border shopping
This paper investigates competition between jurisdictions in the context of cross-border shopping for state lottery tickets. We first develop a simple theoretical model in which consumers choose between state lotteries and face a trade-off between travel costs and the price of a fair gamble, which is declining in the size of the jackpot and the odds of winning. Given this trade-off, the model predicts that per-resident sales should be more responsive to prices in small states with densely populated borders, relative to large states with sparsely populated borders. Our empirical analysis focuses on the multi-state games of Powerball and Mega Millions, and the identification strategy is based upon high-frequency variation in prices due to the rollover feature of lottery jackpots. The empirical results support the predictions of the model. The magnitude of these effects is large, suggesting that states do face competitive pressures from neighboring lotteries, but the effects vary significantly across states.
AUTHORS: Schiff, Nathan; Knight, Brian
DATE: 2010

Journal Article
Spotlight: Shreveport-Bossier City Louisiana metro prospers with diversified economy
AUTHORS: Assanie, Laila; Macktinger, Bryan
DATE: 2006-11

Journal Article
Florida and Georgia find jackpots with lotteries
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1996-04

Journal Article
Conference flush with lessons on sports, entertainment, gambling
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1995-07

Journal Article
Mississippi's casinos will continue to fuel growth in 1994
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1993-10

Journal Article
Casinos shakeout was mild, upswing expected for Mississippi
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1995-10

Journal Article
Experts weigh odds of gambling
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 1995-07


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