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Working Paper
Optimal fiscal policy when public capital is productive: a business cycle perspective

A presentation of a dynamic general-equilibrium model with productive public capital to help account for differences in the business cycle characteristics of public- versus private- sector expenditures in postwar U.S. data.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9507

Conference Paper
Designing state--local fiscal policy for growth and development

Assessing the Midwest Economy , Paper 5

Tax buyouts

The paper studies a fiscal policy instrument that can reduce fiscal distortions, without affecting revenues, in a politically viable way. The instrument is a private contract (tax buyout), offered by the government to each individual citizen, whereby the citizen can choose to pay a fixed price up front in exchange for a given reduction in her tax rate for a prespecified period of time. We consider a dynamic overlapping-generations economy, calibrated to match several features of the U.S. income and wealth distribution, and show that, under simple pricing, the introduction of the buyout is ...
Staff Reports , Paper 467

Journal Article
Anatomy of a fiscal crisis

Business Review , Issue Sep/Oct , Pages 15-22

Journal Article
Price stability: is a tough central bank enough?

What is the best way to achieve price stability? Conventional wisdom says that a tough, independent central bank is all that is necessary. However, a new view?the fiscal theory of the price level?argues that an appropriate fiscal policy is also required, no matter how tough the central bank may be. The choice of the fiscal theory versus the conventional view has significant implications for the way central banks do business.
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug

Journal Article
The role of fiscal policy in the St. Louis equation

Review , Volume 64 , Issue Jan , Pages 17-22

Working Paper
Generational accounts: a meaningful alternative to deficit accounting

A presentation of a set of generational accounts that can be used as an alternative to the federal budget deficit in assessing intergenerational policy, concluding that the fiscal burdens on future generations will be significantly larger than those on existing generations if current tax policy remains unchanged.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9103

Journal Article
Federal fiscal policy in the 1960's

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Fiscal restraint, total demand and monetary policy

Review , Volume 50 , Issue Aug , Pages 3-6

Conference Paper
A new interpretation of the coordination problem and its empirical significance




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