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Journal Article
Will accountability standards improve public schools? (Accountability and education reform, part 4)

Fiscal Facts , Issue Win , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
Interstate fiscal disparity in 1997

Readily available tax statistics tell state and local policymakers the amount and mix of revenues that their governments receive. However, these officials pose harder fiscal questions than simply how much money is flowing into their coffers and from what sources. They frequently ask, What is our state's capacity to raise revenues, regardless of how much we actually collect? To what extent do we utilize that capacity? Is our revenue capacity sufficient to finance our state's need for public services? These questions are especially salient today, given that during state fiscal year 2002 ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Q 3 , Pages 17-33

Finite horizons, intertemporal substitution and fiscal policy

Staff Memoranda , Paper 87-8

Net private investment and public expenditure in the United States 1953- 1984

Staff Memoranda , Paper 87-10

The equilibrium approach to fiscal policy

Staff Memoranda , Paper 86-2

Public spending and the return to capital

Staff Memoranda , Paper 88-2

Is government spending stimulative?

Staff Memoranda , Paper 88-3

Is public expenditure productive?

Staff Memoranda , Paper 88-7

Working Paper
Using stock returns to identify government spending shocks

This paper explores a new approach to identifying government spending shocks which avoids many of the shortcomings of existing approaches. The new approach is to identify government spending shocks with statistical innovations to the accumulated excess returns of large US military contractors. This strategy is used to estimate the dynamic responses of output, hours, consumption and real wages to a government spending shock. We find that positive government spending shocks are associated with increases in output, hours, and consumption. Real wages initially decline after a government spending ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-09-03

Working Paper
Economic determinants of the nominal treasury yield curve

We study the effect of different types of macroeconomic impulses on the nominal yield curve. We employ two distinct approaches to identifying economic shocks in VARs. Our first approach uses a structural VAR due to Gal (1992). Our second strategy identifies fundamental impulses from alternative empirical measures of economic shocks proposed in the literature. We find that most of the long-run variability of interest rates of all maturities is driven by macroeconomic impulses. Shocks to preferences for current consumption consistently induce large, persistent, and statistically significant ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-01-16



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