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Keywords:Financial services industry 

Journal Article
Privacy and the promise of financial modernization

The Region , Volume 14 , Issue Mar , Pages 26-29

Journal Article
Economic history : Opening the vault

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Spr , Pages 46-49

Journal Article
Financial industry megamergers and policy challenges

In the past few years, the pace of consolidation in the banking industry has accelerated, and combinations between banks and other financial service providers have become increasingly prevalent. In some countries, consolidation has resulted from the need to eliminate weak or problem institutions. More generally, however, the unprecedented wave of merger activity in financial services is being driven by powerful changes in telecommunications and information technology and by the removal of legal and regulatory barriers to national and international linkages. An important recent development is ...
Economic Review , Volume 84 , Issue Q III , Pages 7-13

Working Paper
The evolving legal framework for financial services

A summary of the history of financial services regulation in the United States and an examination of the conflicting models of political economy, or the legal framework, that lay behind that history.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9306

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, April 24, 1991 (Fair Trade in Financial Services Act of 1991)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun , Pages 443-445

Journal Article
Banking and securities and insurance: economists' views of the synergies - summary of presentations

Economic Policy Review , Issue Oct , Pages 7-10

Journal Article
Wide array of organizations oversees financial industry

Financial Update , Volume 15 , Issue Jan , Pages 8

Working Paper
The economics of the mutual fund trading scandal

I examine the economic incentives behind the mutual fund trading scandal, which made headlines in late 2003 with news that several asset management companies had arranged to allow abusive--and, in some cases, illegal--trades in their mutual funds. Most of the gains from these trades went to the traders who pursued market-timing and late-trading strategies. The costs were largely borne by buy-and-hold investors, and, eventually, by the management companies themselves. ; A puzzle emerges when one examines the scandal from the perspective of those management companies. In the short run, they ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2009-06

Conference Paper
Competition: horizontal integration: remarks (SEPA)

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences



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