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Working Paper
Five open questions about prediction markets

Interest in prediction markets has increased in the last decade, driven in part by the hope that these markets will prove to be valuable tools in forecasting, decisionmaking and risk management--in both the public and private sectors. This paper outlines five open questions in the literature, and we argue that resolving these questions is crucial to determining whether current optimism about prediction markets will be realized.
Working Paper Series , Paper 2006-06

Working Paper
Contingent capital: the trigger problem

Price triggers in contingent capital bonds are analyzed. Pervasiveness of multipleequilibria and nonexistence of equilibrium in theoretical models is illustrated. Evidence of these problems from market experiments is summarized. Possible solutions are evaluated.
Working Paper , Paper 11-07

Conference Paper
What lessons can be learned from recent financial crises? : the Japanese experience

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Economic activity and demand at high levels

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 1183-1190

Working Paper
Institutional quality and financial market development: evidence from international migrants in the U.S.

A growing body of theoretical and empirical work identifies the ability of a country?s institutions to protect private property and provide incentives for investment as a key explanation for the persistent disparity in financial market development. We add to this literature by analyzing the impact of institutions on financial development using data on the financial decisions of immigrants and the native-born in the U.S. While all of the individuals whose decisions we analyze face the same formal institutional framework in the U.S., immigrants bring with them varied experiences with ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-04-19

Working Paper
Bretton Woods, swap lines, and the Federal Reserve’s return to intervention

This paper describes the United States? first line of defense against shortcomings in the Bretton Woods system, which threatened the system?s continuation as early as 1960. The exposition describes the Federal Reserve?s use of swap lines both to provide cover for central banks? unwanted dollar exposures, thereby forestalling claims on the U.S. gold stock, and to supply dollar liquidity to countries facing temporary balance-of-payments deficits, thereby bolstering confidence in their parities. As suggested by the expansion and growing use of the swap lines, the operations failed to distinguish ...
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 1232

Working Paper
An analysis of Japanese stock return dynamics conditional on U.S. Monday holiday closures

This paper examines a unique data set consisting of Japanese equity returns for the Friday, Monday, and Tuesday surrounding U.S. Monday holiday closures. The objective is to neutralize the impact of spillover effects from New York to Tokyo. Prior studies find that Japanese returns are negative on Tuesday and anomalous; this phenomenon is known as the Japanese-Tuesday effect. One explanation for the Japanese-Tuesday effect is that there exists a cause and effect relationship with Monday returns in New York. Historically, Monday returns in New York are negative, a phenomenon known as the ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2000-6

Journal Article
Alternatives to Libor in consumer mortgages

Many adjustable rate mortgages in the United States are indexed to Libor. While the accuracy of this rate has recently been called into question, another issue affecting U.S. borrowers has become evident since the onset of the financial crisis. Specifically, many U.S. consumers with Libor-based loans may have been hit with substantially higher payments when their loans reset during the financial crisis than if those loans had been tied to a Treasury rate. We investigate several alternative reference rates for consumer loans and estimate their payment effects on a large sample of Libor-linked ...
Economic Commentary , Issue Oct

Conference Paper
Asset market linkages in crisis periods

Proceedings , Paper 727

Conference Paper
Global policy perspectives

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole



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