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Journal Article
Brazil: the first financial crisis of 1999

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 13-14

Journal Article
Community bank lending during the financial crisis

The total volume of loans held by community banks peaked in 2008 and dropped during the financial crisis and Great Recession. Total loans bottomed out in 2011 and, as of December 2012, have only recovered to a level roughly 10 percent below their 2008 peak. During this period, both demand and supply factors undoubtedly played roles in the change in bank lending.
Central Banker , Issue Spring

Journal Article
Asset Bubbles: Detecting and Measuring Them Are Not Easy Tasks

Market bubbles are linked to many historic financial crises, but asset price run-ups can reflect both fundamental value changes and psychological contagion. Using historic values of commonly held assets (stocks and real estate), a novel ?exuberance index? offers a way to compare bubbles.
The Regional Economist , Issue July

The financial crisis : toward an explanation and policy response. 2008 annual report of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

This year's article was co-authored by Aaron Steelman, director of publications, and John A. Weinberg, senior vice president and director of research. The authors discuss the key events of the financial crisis, examine which factors contributed to it, and consider how policymakers might most effectively respond. At the core of their discussion is the role that explicit and implicit government guarantees played in encouraging unwise risk-taking by financial institutions.
Annual Report

Journal Article
The economics of currency crises and contagion: an introduction

Two theories of the causes of currency crises prevail in the economic literature. The first traces currency instability to countries' structural imbalances and weak policies; the second identifies arbitrary shifts in market expectations as the principal source of instability. The authors of this article contend that only a synthesis of these theories can capture the complexity of the 1997-98 Asian currency crisis. In their view, the crisis resulted from the interaction of structural weaknesses and volatile international capital markets. The authors also cite two other factors that contributed ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Sep , Pages 3-16

Conference Paper
Crises : the price of globalization?

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Conference Paper
Lessons from Asian financial experience

Proceedings , Issue Oct , Pages 93-114

State government budgets and the Recovery Act

State and local governments, with revenues reduced sharply by the recession, are responding by cutting services, increasing tax rates, and drawing down reserves; they are also receiving some relief in the form of stimulus funds provided by the federal government. The stimulus funds legislated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act only partly offset the recession-induced shortfalls and are scheduled to phase out before most analysts believe state and local governments will see fiscal recovery well underway. Thus, observers are concerned that the state-local sector will create a ...
Public Policy Brief

Conference Paper
General discussion: monetary policy after the fall.

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
On the record: facing financial troubles in an era of globalization: a conversation with Nathan Sheets

Economist Nathan Sheets, director of the Federal Reserve Board's Division of International Finance, puts a global perspective on the current economic crisis and the Fed's response to it.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 8-9



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