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Keywords:Financial Inclusion 

Working Paper
Does Access to Bank Accounts as a Minor Improve Financial Capability? Evidence from Minor Bank Account Laws

Banking the unbanked is a common policy goal, but should this include access to bank accounts for minors? This study estimates how teenagers' access to bank accounts affects their financial development. Using variation in state laws, we show policies that permit access to independently-owned accounts increase account ownership at age 16 through age 19, although by age 24 those young adults are banked at similar rates to teens who grew up in states that do not allow minors to own accounts independently. Teens who had access to independently-owned accounts use fewer high-cost alternative ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2021-075

Journal Article
Prepaid Cards: An Inadequate Solution for Digital Payments Inclusion

Although prepaid cards have the potential to address digital payments exclusion, their use among unbanked households remains low.
Economic Review , Volume v.106 , Issue no.4

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