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Journal Article
International risk-based capital standard: history and explanation

In December the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System adopted final guidelines for the new Risk-Based Capital Standard. This article traces the evolution of the new standard, discusses how capital measures of the United States will change, and indicates how Fifth District banking organizations may fare under the new standard.
Economic Review , Volume 74 , Issue Nov , Pages 28-34

Which financial frictions? Parsing the evidence from the financial crisis of 2007-09

We provide an overview of data requirements necessary to monitor repurchase agreements (repos) and securities lending (sec lending) markets for the purposes of informing policymakers and researchers about firm-level and systemic risk. We start by explaining the functioning of these markets, and argue that it is crucial to understand the institutional arrangements. Data collection is currently incomplete. A comprehensive collection should include six characteristics of repo and sec lending trades at the firm level: principal amount, interest rate, collateral type, haircut, tenor, and ...
Staff Reports , Paper 528

The inefficiency of a nominal national debt

Staff Report , Paper 28

Working Paper
Can self-help groups really be self-help?

This paper examines a cost-reducing innovation to the delivery of "Self-Help Group" microfinance services. These groups typically rely on outside agents to found and administer the groups although funds are raised by the group members. The innovation is to have the agents earn their payment by charging membership fees rather than following the status quo in which the agents are paid by an outside organization and instead offer free services to clients. The theory we develop shows that such member- ship fees could actually improve performance without sacrificing membership, simply by ...
Working Papers , Paper 2013-014

Working Paper
Durable financial regulation: monitoring financial instruments as a counterpart to regulating financial institutions

This paper sets forth a discussion framework for the information requirements of systemic financial regulation. It specifically describes a potential large macro-micro database for the U.S. based on an extended version of the Flow of Funds. I argue that such a database would have been of material value to U.S. regulators in ameliorating the recent financial crisis and could be of aid in understanding the potential vulnerabilities of an innovative financial system in the future. I also suggest that making these data available to the academic research community, under strict confidentiality ...
Working Papers , Paper 13-02

Conference Paper
Finance theory and financial intermediation

Proceedings , Paper 170

Conference Paper
The "big picture" about relationship-based finance

Proceedings , Paper 761

Conference Paper
Racial differences in patterns of small business finance: the importance of local geography

Proceedings , Paper 775

Working Paper
The effect of school finance reform on population heterogeneity

This paper tests whether state school finance reform alters neighborhood income homogeneity. One implication of the Tiebout model is that within-community homogeneity declines as a result of an exogenous decrease in the ability of jurisdictions to set local tax and expenditure levels. The property tax revolt and the school finance equalization reform of the 1970s and 1980s offer a test of the role of state fiscal reform on aggregate population sorting behavior. The results show that school finance has a significant effect on school district income sorting, especially among low income ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-98-11

Conference Paper
Financing the development of urban minority communities: lessons of history

Proceedings , Paper 791


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