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Working Paper
A New Daily Federal Funds Rate Series and History of the Federal Funds Market, 1928-1954

This article describes the origins and development of the federal funds market from its inception in the 1920s to the early 1950s. We present a newly digitized daily data series on the federal funds rate from April 1928 through June 1954. We compare the behavior of the funds rate with other money market interest rates and the Federal Reserve discount rate. Our federal funds rate series will enhance the ability of researchers to study an eventful period in U.S. financial history and to better understand how monetary policy was transmitted to banking and financial markets. For the 1920s and ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2020-059

Conference Paper
Commentary : should the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve be concerned about fiscal policy?

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Around the Fed : The uncertain effects of economic uncertainty

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 3Q , Pages 41

Journal Article
The Term Securities Lending Facility: origin, design, and effects

The Federal Reserve launched the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF) in 2008 to promote liquidity in the funding markets and improve the operation of the broader financial markets. The facility increases the ability of dealers to obtain cash in the private market by enabling them to pledge securities temporarily as collateral for Treasuries, which are relatively easy to finance. The TSLF thus reduces the need for dealers to sell assets into illiquid markets as well as lessens the likelihood of a loss of confidence among lenders.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 15 , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Payments evolution or revolution? views from the Federal Reserve

Minneapolis Fed First Vice President James Lyon reviews trends in the payments system.
The Region , Volume 18 , Issue Jun , Pages 6-9, 38-41

Journal Article
Federal Reserve: How's business? : The role of the Beige Book in Fed policymaking

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Econ Focus , Volume 13 , Issue Sum , Pages 5-7

Journal Article
Addressing TBTF when banks merge: a proposal

A proposed bank merger and acquisition (M&A) provides a unique opportunity to address too big to fail concerns?the problem of big banks taking undue risks due to creditors? perceptions that government policymakers will bail them out to prevent spillovers from bank collapse. Under a preliminary reform proposal, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Treasury would, as part of the review process for large bank M&As, be required to report on how they are putting large bank creditors at risk of loss. Linking M&A reviews to TBTF management reviews would have ...
The Region , Volume 19 , Issue Sep , Pages 6-11

Journal Article
Availability of preliminary figures on operating income of the Federal Reserve Banks, announced January 17, 1996

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 220

Journal Article
Recipes for monetary policy

The Region , Volume 14 , Issue Dec , Pages 2-4

Journal Article
The veil of discretion: does the Fed have too much freedom?

A new look at how much discretion the Fed should have in setting monetary policy.
The Region , Volume 18 , Issue Jun , Pages 10-13, 42-47



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