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Journal Article
Vitality in upstate medical manufacturing

We describe the medical manufacturing industry generally and examine the industry's presence in upstate New York and its metropolitan areas. We show that upstate has a considerable employment concentration in the manufacture of both medical devices and pharmaceuticals. This activity is distributed widely among the region's metropolitan areas, with Buffalo, Glens Falls, Rochester, Syracuse, and Utica specializing in the industry overall and Albany showing strength in two subindustries.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Two new indexes offer a broad view of economic activity in the New York - New Jersey region

The authors develop two coincident indexes that provide a comprehensive measure of economic activity in New Jersey, New York State, and New York City.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 5 , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Commentary on \\"Immigration trends in the New York metropolitan area\\"

This article is commentary on a paper presented at a conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in April 2005, "Urban Dynamics in New York City." The goal of the conference was threefold: to examine the historical transformations of the engine-of-growth industries in New York and distill the main determinants of the city's historical dominance as well as the challenges to its continued success; to study the nature and evolution of immigration flows into New York; and to analyze recent trends in a range of socioeconomic outcomes, both for the general population and recent ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Dec , Pages 103-104

Journal Article
1997 job outlook: the New York-New Jersey region

Major industrial and government restructurings have dominated employment reports in the New York-New Jersey region, leading to widespread pessimism about the region's job prospects. Nevertheless, for the past several years, the two states have managed to achieve modest job gains. In 1997, employment growth in New York and New Jersey will accelerate slightly as the pace of restructurings slows.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 3 , Issue Jan

A new era of bank supervision

Remarks at the New York Bankers Association Financial Services Forum, New York City.
Speech , Paper 65

Are recent college graduates finding good jobs?

Remarks at the Regional Economic Press Briefing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 109

Journal Article
Population out-migration from Upstate New York

We identify the nature and extent of the out-migration from the upper New York State region and examine its economic impact. Our analysis begins with an explanation for the outflow. Next, we describe population growth trends and estimate the extent of the out-migration. We conclude by showing how out-migration is reshaping upstate New York's economy and demographics, and is resulting in limited growth and a population that is aging faster than most U.S. populations.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Win

The road to recovery: Puerto Rico and the mainland

Remarks at E-3 Summit of the Americas: Export Trade Basics Forum 101, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Speech , Paper 50

Journal Article
Is upstate New York showing signs of a turnaround?

Upstate New York may have shown signs of a turnaround in 1997 and 1998, but its economic performance is still well below that of the nation and New York State as a whole.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 5 , Issue May

Journal Article
New York - New Jersey job expansion to moderate in 2001

New York City will set the pace for job growth in the New York-New Jersey region in 2001, with employment advancing 1.9 percent over the year. For the region as a whole, the rate of job growth will drop to 1.5 percent, from 2.2 percent in 2000.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 7 , Issue Mar


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