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Journal Article
Signaling the Fed's intentions

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
Pre-announcement effects, news, and volatility: monetary policy and the stock market

I examine pre-announcement and news effects on the stock market in the context of public disclosure of monetary policy decisions. The results suggest that the stock market tends to be relatively quiet--conditional volatility is abnormally low--on days preceding regularly scheduled policy announcements. Although this calming effect is routinely reported in anecdotal press accounts, it is statistically significant only over the past four to five years, a result that I attribute to changes in the Federal Reserve's disclosure practices in early 1994. The paper also looks at how the actual ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2000-50

Journal Article
Federal Open Market Committee directive (November 6, 2002)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Federal Open Market Committee directive

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct , Pages 438

Journal Article
The Fed’s strategy for exiting from unconventional policy: key principles, potential challenges

In the wake of the crisis, the Fed?s balance sheet increased from the historical 6 percent of GDP to more than 20 percent. As plans are made to return to normal monetary policy, it?s important to be aware of the challenges and potential pitfalls of this transition.
The Regional Economist , Issue October

Journal Article
Shadowing the shadow

The Shadow Open Market Committee has persistently, and faithfully, trailed its Federal Reserve namesake for 20 years
The Region , Issue Jun , Pages 10-15

Journal Article
A neutral federal funds rate?

Monetary Trends , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Can you hear me now?

Monetary Trends , Issue Jan

Domestic open market operations during 2003

Annual Report Domestic Open Market Operations

Journal Article
Transparency in the practice of monetary policy

Economic Quarterly , Issue Sum , Pages 1-9



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