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Keywords:Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

Journal Article
FDIC's modified payout plan

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Purchase and assumption mergers: do banks overbid?

Proceedings , Paper 79

Journal Article
FDIC losses in bank failures: has FDICIA made a difference?

This article finds that, although the number of failed banks declined sharply after the passage of the FDIC Improvement Act (FDICIA) in 1991, losses to the FDIC as a percent of assets of failed banks actually increased. Only if adjustments are made both for large losses at a few larger outlier banks and for differences in the size distribution of failures is the FDIC's loss rate in the post-FDICIA period (1993-2002) reduced to below its pre-FDICIA (1980-92) rate.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 28 , Issue Q III , Pages 13-25

Reforming deposit insurance--once again

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Alternative methods for assessing risk-based deposit insurance premiums

A discussion of various proposals to allow the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to vary the cost of deposit insurance on the basis of risk.
Economic Commentary , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
Dealing with poorly capitalized banks from the perspective of the deposit insurance agency

Proceedings , Paper 325

Remarks on early intervention and resolution

Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue, Brussels, Belgium.
Speech , Paper 34

Conference Paper
BIF: still solvent after all these years?

Proceedings , Paper 310

Journal Article
Deposit insurance: recapitalize or reform?

FRBSF Economic Letter


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