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Keywords:Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

Journal Article
An opportune time for deposit insurance reform

The Region , Volume 10 , Issue Dec , Pages 2-3

Conference Paper
Market discipline, information disclosure, and uninsured deposits

Proceedings , Paper 172

Conference Paper
Assessing the condition of the Bank Insurance Fund

Proceedings , Paper 309

Journal Article
When should the FDIC act like a private insurance company? When it comes to pricing, not reserves

The Region , Volume 12 , Issue Sep , Pages 43-48

Conference Paper
How to get off the back of a tiger, or, do initial conditions constrain deposit insurance reform?

Proceedings , Paper 158

Working Paper
A proposal for efficiently resolving out-of-the-money swap positions at large insolvent banks

Recent evidence suggests that bank regulators appear to be able to resolve insolvent large banks efficiently without either protecting uninsured deposits through invoking "too-big-to-fail" or causing serious harm to other banks or financial markets. But resolving swap positions at insolvent banks, particularly a bank's out-of-the-money positions, has received less attention. The FDIC can now either repudiate these contracts and treat the in-the-money counterparties as at-risk general creditors or transfer the contracts to a solvent bank. Both options have major drawbacks. Terminating ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-03-01

Journal Article
FDIC losses in bank failures: has FDICIA made a difference?

This article finds that, although the number of failed banks declined sharply after the passage of the FDIC Improvement Act (FDICIA) in 1991, losses to the FDIC as a percent of assets of failed banks actually increased. Only if adjustments are made both for large losses at a few larger outlier banks and for differences in the size distribution of failures is the FDIC's loss rate in the post-FDICIA period (1993-2002) reduced to below its pre-FDICIA (1980-92) rate.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 28 , Issue Q III , Pages 13-25

Journal Article
New law provides Fed more flexibility during crises

Economics Update , Issue Apr , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
A bank by any other name ...

?Banks? are regulated by the government. However, because the generic term bank applies to a number of different types of financial institutions that provide different services, different types of regulation are required. This issue has attracted much attention in recent years as nonfinancial firms?including Wal-Mart?attempted to obtain a ?bank.? This article traces changes in the definition of the term commercial bank for the purposes of regulation and discusses the implications for one type of ?bank?: industrial loan companies.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 31 , Issue Q IV


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