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Keywords:Farms - Valuation 

Journal Article
Outside the winner’s circle

High land and crop prices are benefiting a lot of farmers, but hurting some?badly.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jul , Pages 10

Working Paper
Rural wealth creation and emerging energy industries: lease and royalty payments to farm households and businesses

New technologies for accessing energy resources, changes in global energy markets, and government policies have encouraged growth in the natural gas and wind industries in the 2000s. The growth has offered new opportunities for wealth creation in many rural areas. At a local level, households who own land or mineral rights can benefit from energy development through lease and royalty payments. Using nationally-representative data on U.S. farms from 2011, we assess the consumption, investment, and wealth implications of the $2.3 billion in lease and royalty payments that energy companies paid ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 13-07

Journal Article
Hedging their bets

Farmers have more tools to manage risk, and are using them.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jul , Pages 9

Agricultural trends and paths toward the future - a conference summary

On December 1, 2009, the Chicago Fed held a conference that examined issues shaping the future of Midwest agriculture, with a focus on public policy implications. This conference gathered experts from academia, industry, and policy institutions to discuss trends and possibilities for agriculture in the region and across the nation.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Farmers are growing an appreciating crop of land

Farm real estate values have increased despite ag conditions.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Sep , Pages 16-18

Journal Article
Agricultural credit conditions : booming farmland values

Main Street Economist , Issue Jun

Working Paper
The effects of macroeconomic policy on farmland value

Research Working Paper , Paper 86-11

Journal Article
U.S. agricultural credit conditions : rising energy prices boost farm costs

Main Street Economist , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Will the rebound in farm financial conditions continue?

Main Street Economist , Issue 3

Working Paper
The impact of wildlife recreation on farmland values

Wildlife recreation ? hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching ? appears to be an increasingly important past time for many Americans as people continue to increase their spending on wildlife recreation. Land lease and ownership expenditures by wildlife recreation participants are rising and appear to be capitalized into farmland values. This paper analyzes the impact of hunting lease rates on farmland values in Texas. The results indicate that counties with higher wildlife recreation income streams have higher land values.
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 05-10


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