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Journal Article
Recent U.S. export performance in the developing world

U.S. exports to developing countries have grown remarkably in recent years, far outpacing our sales increases to the industrial world. The author seeks explanations for this strong performance in the traditional determinants of export growthrelative prices and income growthand in other factors linking world economic conditions to developing country demand for U.S. goods.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Win

Journal Article
In brief: economic capsules--U.S. trade with Taiwan and South Korea

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Aut

Journal Article
Capacity constraints and the prospects for external adjustment and economic growth: 1989-90

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Win

Journal Article
The performance of the U.S. capital goods industry: implications for trade adjustment

Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Win , Pages 69-82

New York merchandise exports

New York's merchandise export performance has lagged that of the U.S. economy over the first part of the 1990s. Such slippage could be due to slow growth in export markets, a concentration in slow-growth product lines, and/or declining competitiveness relative to the overall U.S. economy. We find that none of these factors fully explains the declining share of New York merchandise exports. New York's export markets are growing nearly as fast as the U.S. foreign market; New York exports are more concentrated in the industries with fastest export growth than the U.S. average; and New York's ...
Research Paper , Paper 9529

Factors behind the shifting composition of U.S. manufactured goods trade

Research Paper , Paper 9036

An expanded, cointegrated model of U.S. trade

Research Paper , Paper 9121

Securing the recovery and building for the future

Remarks at United States Military Academy at West Point, West Point, New York.
Speech , Paper 66

Regional economy and manufacturing update

Remarks at the Quarterly Regional Economic Press Briefing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 28

Micro, macro, and strategic forces in international trade invoicing

We extend a standard New Keynesian model both to incorporate heterogeneity in spending opportunities along with two sources of (potentially time-varying) credit spreads and to allow a role for the central bank's balance sheet in determining equilibrium. We use the model to investigate the implications of imperfect financial intermediation for familiar monetary policy prescriptions and to consider additional dimensions of central bank policy--variations in the size and composition of the central bank's balance sheet as well as payment of interest on reserves--alongside the traditional question ...
Staff Reports , Paper 405



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