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Journal Article
Comparing manufacturing export growth across states: what accounts for the differences?

The expansion of United States manufacturing exports has spread unevenly across states. Cletus C. Coughlin and Patricia S. Pollard use shift-share analysis to account for the difference between a state?s manufacturing export growth and national manufacturing export growth between 1988 and 1998. Three effects are examined. The industry mix effect indicates that a state should have experienced export growth above the national average if its exports were relatively more concentrated in industries whose exports expanded faster than the national average. The destination effect indicates that a ...
Review , Volume 83 , Issue Jan , Pages 25-40

Journal Article
Changes in financial markets and their effects on agriculture

Review , Issue Oct , Pages 13-19

The fruits of free trade

Annual Report

Journal Article
Accounting for changes in manufactured exports at the state level: 1976-86

Review , Issue Sep

Working Paper
Eastern European export performance during transition

During the past decade, Eastern European exports have undergone a deep transformation, as communist bloc trading relationships have collapsed and trade with the West has increased. The extent of this geographical re-orientation has generally exceeded the predictions of equilibrium models developed by Hamilton and Winters (1992) and Collins and Rodrik (1991), suggesting the prospect for increased export activity among the transition economies as aggregate demand in these countries strengthens and payment systems mature. Significant changes in the product composition of Eastern European exports ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 562

Maquiladoras: impact on Texas border cities


Journal Article
U.S. international transaction in 1984

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 277-286

Journal Article
U.S.-Mexico trade: are we still connected?

Business Frontier

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, June 17, 1986 (Export Trading Company Act of 1982 amendments)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 554-559

Working Paper
Trade wedges, inventories, and international business cycles

The large, persistent fluctuations in international trade that cannot be explained in standard models by changes in expenditures and relative prices are often attributed to trade wedges. We show that these trade wedges can reflect the decisions of importers to change their inventory holdings. We find that a two-country model of international business cycles with an inventory management decision can generate trade flows and wedges consistent with the data. Moreover, matching trade flows alters the international transmission of business cycles. Specifically, real net exports become ...
Working Papers , Paper 12-16



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