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Working Paper
Currency appreciation and \"deindustrialization\": a European perspective

During the 1980s, policy advisers were successful in promoting the view that movements in the value of the dollar have an inverse relationship to U.S. international competitiveness. This article explains their hypothesis, as well as the counterargument that exchange rates positively reflect a country's competitiveness. Economic policies that boost competitiveness also raise the value of the domestic currency. The mirror image of these hypotheses apply to U.S. trading partners, including Europe. The evidence indicates that European countries were not "deindustralized" from 1985 to 1990, when ...
Working Papers , Paper 1992-006

Journal Article
Europe 1992: a close look

Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 23-38

Working Paper
Central bank independence and the costs of disinflation in the EC

Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory , Paper 94-04

Journal Article
Europe in 1992

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 13-26

Journal Article
Progress toward a European Monetary Union

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct

Working Paper
Seigniorage and the European Community: is European economic and monetary union in danger?

Working Papers , Paper 90-19

Journal Article
Toward trade blocs?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The euro cash changeover

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 1-5

Working Paper
European business cycles: new indices and analysis of their synchronicity

This article presents a new type of business-cycle index that allows for cycle-to-cycle comparisons of the depth of recessions within a country, cross-country comparisons of business-cycle correlation and simple aggregation to arrive at a measure of a European business cycle. The paper examines probit-type specifications of binary recession/expansion variables in a Gibbs-sampling framework, wherein it is possible to incorporate time-series features to the model, such as serial correlation, heteroskedasticity and regime switching. The data-augmentation implied by Gibbs sampling generates ...
Working Papers , Paper 1999-019

Journal Article
Review essay on Europe 1992: an American Perspective(1990) edited by Gary Clyde Hufbauer

Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 26-30



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