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Journal Article
Texas drilling directed toward unconventional natural gas

Houston Business , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Plumbing the Gulf's debts for oil and gas

Energy firms are busy exploring and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, propelled by high oil prices and gradually dwindling supplies of easily accessible oil and gas deposits around the world. Technological and engineering breakthroughs have enabled these firms to reach depths never before possible, keeping energy production a major economic component of the Gulf Coast.
EconSouth , Volume 10 , Issue 3

Journal Article
From pathways to policy: an overview of green collar jobs advocacy

The term "Green Collar Job" for many of those who use it, represents more than a label describing environmentally friendly occupations. In particular, the expression tends to evoke a hopeful vision of economic development that combines inclusive prosperity and environmental stewardship in complementary ways. Yet even supporters who admire the term's ability to inspire acknowledge its ambiquity and unwieldiness from a technical perspective. Others have even wondered whether the phrase is anything more than a "trendy term for politicians and others to bandy about."
Profitwise , Issue Sep , Pages 2-8

Journal Article
On the record: the energy industry in a time of uncertainty: a conversation with Jim Hackett

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Chief Executive Jim Hackett, who has been chairman of the Dallas Fed's board of directors since 2007, discusses some of the key issues facing the energy industry.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Putting a price on carbon

To address global warming, most economists favor a focus on prices, not quantities.
The Region , Volume 21 , Issue Dec , Pages 7-9, 24-26

Journal Article
Strong growth, fear driving energy markets

Houston Business , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Unconventional oil production: stuck in a rock and a hard place

Oil can be derived from oil sands and oil shale, but the job is both economically and environmentally costly. How high must the price of oil be in order to make these alternatives cost-effective?
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 14-15

Energy and the U.S. macro economy

Wilmington Club, Wilmington, Del., July 24, 2007
Speech , Paper 116

Journal Article
Gulf Coast expansion waits for upstream, downstream energy

Houston Business , Issue Apr

Journal Article
The once and future fuel: Shale gas brings back cheap energy, but what's the risk?

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