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Journal Article
Developing a workforce to meet today's business needs

EconSouth , Volume 3 , Issue Q3 , Pages 8-13

Explaining the decline in teen labor force participation

Fewer teenagers are participating in the labor force today than at any point since WWII. At just under 44%, teen labor force participation is 15 percentage points below its peak in the late 1970s. Why has there been a long-run secular decline in the work activity of young adults, and why has it sharply accelerated in the last five years?
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Government-subsidized training: a plan for prosperity?

Many analysts believe that the United States should subsidize training to increase its workers' skills because employers don't provide enough. This Commentary asks whether the present level of training is truly insufficient, or whether firms' incentives may already be in synch with the social costs and benefits of training.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Temps have a permanent place in the workforce

EconSouth , Volume 4 , Issue Q3 , Pages 14-19

Conference Paper
Educating managers and employees


Journal Article
New England's training systems and regional economic competitiveness

New England Economic Indicators , Issue Q II , Pages iv-ix

Journal Article
The growing wage gap: is training the answer?

Training programs targeted toward lower skilled workers to a much greater extent than is currently the case could play an important role in narrowing the wage gap. Specific strategies would include assisting firms to develop their own programs, improving the school-to-work transition for non-college-bound high school graduates, and providing displaced workers with the skills needed to take new jobs in growing sectors of the economy.
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jan , Pages 54-58

Journal Article
Worker skills must expand to meet long-term demands

EconSouth , Volume 3 , Issue Q3 , Pages 1

Journal Article
Human resources needs in the evolving financial sector

As banks, securities houses, and insurance companies offer increasingly similar services, how have their human resource needs changed? An analysis of survey data reveals that all three industries have come to rely more heavily on high-skilled labor; however, the educational and occupational profiles of their workforces have not become substantially more alike.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 3 , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Effects of personal and school characteristics on estimates of the return to education

What is the economic return to attending college? The earnings gap between college and high school graduates is large, but college and high school graduates differ in many ways besides education. This article finds that differences in family background and ability explain about one fourth of the gap.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 22 , Issue Q I , Pages 65-79


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