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Keywords:Emergency management 

Journal Article
Ferguson reviews lessons from 9/11

Financial Update , Volume 16 , Issue Q 2

Journal Article
Free crisis preparedness video available from Atlanta Fed

To help financial institutions and first responders prepare for emergencies such as hurricanes, pandemics, and floods, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has produced a video program.
Financial Update , Volume 21 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Pandemic economics: the 1918 influenza and its modern-day implications

Many predictions of the economic and social costs of a modern-day pandemic are based on the effects of the influenza pandemic of 1918. Despite killing 675,000 people in the United States and 40 million worldwide, the influenza of 1918 has been nearly forgotten. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the influenza pandemic of 1918 in the United States, its economic effects, and its implications for a modern-day pandemic. The paper provides a brief historical background as well as detailed influenza mortality statistics for cities and states, including those in the Eighth ...
Review , Volume 90 , Issue Mar

Conference Paper
Morgan Stanley's continuity planning

Proceedings , Paper 821

Journal Article
Bird flu pandemic: history warns of economic pain, though some might gain

If such a pandemic were to be anything like the Spanish Flu of the early 20th century, expect not only tens of millions of deaths worldwide but also a blow to the world economy in the hundreds of billions of dollars.
The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 10-11

Conference Paper
Implications of 9/11 for the financial services sector

Proceedings , Paper 805