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Journal Article
Recent developments in wholesale payments systems

Wholesale payments and settlement systems in G-10 countries have undergone significant change in recent years. Notably, central banks have sought to increase the safety and reliability of these systems. In this article, William R. Emmons describes two approaches that have been pursued. Significant progress has been achieved in strengthening (or "securing") many existing payments system arrangements based on net settlement. In addition, many new gross settlement systems have been created, and existing ones have been improved. The article also explores why private-sector financial ...
Review , Issue Nov , Pages 23-43

Journal Article
Legal and regulatory framework said to lag electronic payment system innovation

Economics Update , Issue Oct , Pages 6

Working Paper
Scale economies, scope economies, and technical change in Federal Reserve payment processing

In the past decade, the U.S. economy has witnessed a tremendous surge in the usage of electronic payment processing services and an increased importance of the firms that provide these services. The payments industry has also undergone changes in cost structure with the introduction of new technology. Unfortunately, data on the private provision of payment processing services are not available. However, the Federal Reserve provides similar services and collects data on its own provision of payments processing, offering an opportunity to gain insights into the cost structure of payments ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2002-57

Journal Article
Changes to increase efficiency in Federal Reserve Bank check services

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

The emergence of electronic payments

Essay from the 1995 Annual Report.
Annual Report

Journal Article
The timing and funding of CHAPS sterling payments

Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems such as CHAPS Sterling require large amounts of liquidity to support payment activity. To meet their liquidity needs, RTGS participants borrow from the central bank or rely on incoming payments from other participants. Both options can prove costly -- the latter in particular if participants delay outgoing payments until incoming ones arrive. This article presents an empirical analysis of the timing and funding of payments in CHAPS. The authors seek to identify the factors driving the intraday profile of payment activity and the extent to which ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 14 , Issue Sep , Pages 113-133

Journal Article
Creating an integrated payment system: the evolution of Fedwire

Adapted from remarks given before the Seminar on Payment Systems in the European Union in Frankfurt, Germany, on February 27, 1997.
Economic Policy Review , Volume 3 , Issue Jul , Pages 1-7

Journal Article
IRS consolidates Federal tax deposit service centers

Financial Update , Issue Jul , Pages 2

Journal Article
The new basic financial services curriculum

The Washington-based Financial Services Education Coalition has prepared a training guide to help service providers and community groups better educate their clients about Direct Deposit and other basic banking topics.
Communities and Banking , Issue Fall , Pages 20-21

Discussion Paper
Adopting, using, and discarding paper and electronic payment instruments: variation by age and race

This paper uses data from the 2008 Survey of Consumer Payment Choice to discuss the adoption, use, and discarding of various common payment instruments. Using a nationally representative sample of individual-level data, it presents evidence in unparalleled detail about how consumers use different payment instruments. Most interestingly, it displays robust evidence of significant age- and race-related differences in payments choices. Among other things, it suggests that the range of payment instruments adopted and regularly used by blacks is narrower than that chosen by whites, presumably ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 11-2



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