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Keywords:Electronic funds transfers 

Journal Article
The evolution of retail EFT networks

New England Economic Review , Issue Jul , Pages 42-56

Journal Article
Electronic bill payment and presentment: a primer

Electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) services are a core component of many financial institutions' on-line banking offerings. This paper discusses the laws (state and federal), regulations, and regulatory guidance generally applicable to EBPP services offered through financial institutions. Particular emphasis is given to (i) the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Regulation E (including provisions relevant to dispute resolution, liability for unauthorized transactions, and electronic disclosure) and (ii) regulatory guidance with respect to outsourcing arrangements in connection with ...
Emerging Issues , Issue Dec

Journal Article
Federal payments go electronic in 1999

Financial Update , Volume 11 , Issue Oct , Pages 9

Journal Article
Comment requested on concept of pricing Fedwire daylight overdrafts

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 210

Journal Article
Why hasn't electronic bill presentment and payment taken off?

The delivery and payment of bills over the Internet could offer many advantages?low processing costs and enhanced marketing opportunities for billers, savings in time and postage for customers. Nevertheless, electronic billing has not found favor with potential users. A lack of coordination among billers and customers, combined with the high fixed costs of the new technology, may help account for the cool reception.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 8 , Issue Jul

Discussion Paper
Insolvency risk in the network-branded prepaid-card value chain

The value chain for network-branded prepaid cards involves more parties than those commonly present in credit- or debit-card issuing arrangements: the merchant acquirer, processors, a payment network, and a card-issuing bank. These additional participants may include a program manager, a distributor, and a seller. Since a number of independent businesses make up the chain, each one, as well as cardholding consumers, could be exposed to losses resulting from the insolvency of another party in the value chain. This risk is both real and manageable, as illustrated by two recent incidents ...
Consumer Finance Institute discussion papers , Paper 11-05

Working Paper
Pricing daylight overdrafts

An examination of three policy problems associated with daylight credit and an evaluation of three reform proposals to alleviate the payment system risk associated with Federal Reserve Banks' extension of daylight credit to financial institutions.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 8816

Journal Article
Final rule on enhanced recordkeeping related to certain wire transfers by financial institutions, effective January 1, 1996

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb , Pages 113

The topology of interbank payment flows

We explore the network topology of the interbank payments transferred between commercial banks over the Fedwire Funds Service. We find that the network is compact despite low connectivity. The network includes a tightly connected core of money-center banks to which all other banks connect. The degree distribution is scale-free over a substantial range. We find that the properties of the network changed considerably in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Staff Reports , Paper 243

Journal Article
Developments in consumer electronic fund transfers

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun



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