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Keywords:Education - Economic aspects 

Working Paper
Consumer-finance myths and other obstacles to financial literacy

The consumer-finance market for middle and upper-income households in the United States is characterized by a wide range of choices, both in terms of financial-services providers and the specific products and services available.1 Prices generally are determined in competitive markets. Consumer-protection regulation is extensive. Why then is there so much dissatisfaction with the U.S. consumer-finance market, even for prime-quality customers? ; This paper focuses not on inadequate choices, inadequate competition or regulation, but on the difficulty many middle and upper-income households ...
Supervisory Policy Analysis Working Papers , Paper 2005-03

Working Paper
Escaping the Samaritan's Dilemma: implications of a dynamic model of altruistic intergenerational transfers

This paper explores how altruistic parents structure transfer rules in response to potential incentive problems and how the investment behavior of children is influenced by these transfer policies. To investigate these issues, I develop a dynamic model of altruistic transfers in which transfers can be tied to the purchase of human capital investment. Numerical solutions are examined to provide insight into the predictions of the model for transfer behavior and investment by family size. The dynamic framework developed in the paper is used to guide the interpretation of data on transfers and ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2005-67

Are recent college graduates finding good jobs?

Remarks at the Regional Economic Press Briefing, New York City.
Speech , Paper 109

Journal Article
Paths to prosperity: knowledge is key for Fourth District states

Even as per capita income has increased across the United States, differences among states? incomes remain. What are the sources of these remaining differences? This Commentary identifies and analyzes the key factors?patents, educational attainment, and industry structure?that influence income-growth rates and thus per capita incomes. It also explores where the Fourth District falls in relation to other states and the country as a whole.
Economic Commentary , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Educational attainment and household location: the case of Chicago's lakefront

The authors focus on the relationship between being a college graduate (that is, having a bachelor?s degree or higher) and household location in the city of Chicago?s lakefront neighborhoods, other parts of the city, and the suburbs in Illinois. Overall, their results indicate that being a college graduate is associated with living in the city?s lakefront neighborhoods relative to the suburbs. These results hold for non-Hispanic whites, blacks, and Hispanics across the metropolitan region.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 34 , Issue Q IV

Understanding the persistence of poverty

Millions of U.S. citizens continue to live in poverty within one of the wealthiest and most productive nations in the world. The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's 2006 Annual Report reviews some of the reasons for the persistence of poverty in America and suggests that better education and training may be the best defense against poverty.
Annual Report

Working Paper
On the distribution of college dropouts: household wealth and uninsurable idiosyncratic risk

This paper presents a dynamic model of the decision to pursue a college education in which students face uncertainty about their future income stream after graduation due to unobserved heterogeneity in their innate scholastic ability. After students matriculate and start taking exams, they reevaluate their expectations about succeeding in college and may find it optimal to drop out and join the workforce without completing an undergraduate degree. The model shows that, in accordance with the data, poorer students are less likely to graduate and are more apt to drop out earlier than are ...
Working Papers , Paper 11-8

Journal Article
Early childhood development on a large scale

The Region , Volume 19 , Issue Jun , Pages 12-17

The national and regional economy

Remarks at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Speech , Paper 117



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