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Journal Article
On economic literacy

The Region , Volume 13 , Issue Jun , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
Youth unemployment and the transition from school to work: programs in Boston, Frankfurt, and London

New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 3-16

Working Paper
Redshirting, compulsory schooling laws, and educational attainment

A wide literature uses date of birth as an instrument to study the causal effects of educational attainment. This paper shows how parents delaying their children?s initial enrollment in kindergarten, a practice known as redshirting, can make estimates obtained through this identification framework all but impossible to interpret. A latent index model is used to illustrate how the monotonicity assumption in this framework is violated if redshirting decisions are made in a setting of essential heterogeneity. Empirical evidence is presented from the ECLS-K data set that favors this scenario; ...
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 1012

Journal Article
What are the causes of rising wage inequality in the United States?

During the last 15 years--especially in the 1980s--wage inequality rose in the United States. It appears that this can be explained by a secular shift in production functions favoring workers with intellectual rather than manual skills, together with slower growth in the supply of skilled labor than in the previous decade.
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jan , Pages 9-17

Journal Article
The sheepskin dividend : a college degree is still the best predictor of financial success, but that's not all

Econ Focus , Volume 10 , Issue Win , Pages 34-37

Working Paper
Educational achievement and economic growth: evidence from Taiwan

FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 93-11

Journal Article
The products of good schooling

Regional Review , Issue Spr , Pages 12-17

Journal Article
Virtual university: is online learning changing higher education?

By allowing students to "attend" class when and where they choose, online learning is changing higher education.
Regional Review , Volume 12 , Issue Q 1 , Pages 6-13

Journal Article
Migration of recent college graduates: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

In the context of today's tight labor markets, as well as projections of continued demand for workers with high skills, various states are considering how to retain and attract college graduates. Such efforts involve identifying an area's relative strengths and weaknesses and taking actions as needed, either to capitalize on the strengths or to mitigate the weaknesses. Perhaps surprisingly, however, little systematic evidence exists on the factors influencing location decisions of recent graduates. This study is a first step in providing such evidence, making use of the National Longitudinal ...
New England Economic Review

Journal Article
Education and the Evolution of Earnings Across Population Groups Since 2000

By nearly all macroeconomic measures, the US economy is in good shape: unemployment is low, jobs growth is steady, inflation is stable, and GDP has expanded uninterrupted for 10 years?the longest expansion in US history. The good news from the aggregate data means that most people are in the best economic position they have been in for some time. But by definition, aggregate data cannot tell us whether an overall good economy is benefitting some population groups more than others. This article disaggregates the good news in the macrodata by tracking the fortunes of a variety of population ...
Profitwise , Issue 5 , Pages 1-13



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