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Keywords:Economies of scale 

Journal Article
How efficient are Third District banks?

Business Review , Issue Jan , Pages 3-18

Conference Paper
Are scale economies in banking elusive or illusive? evidence obtained by incorporating capital structure and risk-taking into models of bank production

Proceedings , Paper 700

Excess capacity in insurance: the evidence from the literature on scale economies

Research Paper , Paper 9307

The fall and rise of the global economy

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Apr

Working Paper
Measuring the performance of banks: theory, practice, evidence, and some policy implications

The unique capital structure of commercial banking ? funding production with demandable debt that participates in the economy?s payments system ? affects various aspects of banking. It shapes banks? comparative advantage in providing financial products and services to informationally opaque customers, their ability to diversify credit and liquidity risk, and how they are regulated, including the need to obtain a charter to operate and explicit and implicit federal guarantees of bank liabilities to reduce the probability of bank runs. These aspects of banking affect a bank?s choice of risk vs. ...
Working Papers , Paper 13-31

Conference Paper
Economies of scale

Proceedings , Paper 267

A revenue-restricted cost study of 100 large banks

Research Paper , Paper 8806

Working Paper
Network diseconomies and optimal structure

This paper explores the effect on costs when firms within an industry must interact with each other in the normal course of business. Such interaction will generally cause the socially optimal scale of each firm to deviate from its minimum average cost scale. In addition, the socially optimal industry structure may be more concentrated than conventional firm-level cost studies would suggest and may also differ from the unregulated (free-entry) equilibrium structure. These concepts, while potentially applicable to several industries, are here made more precise for the banking industry, both ...
Working Papers , Paper 97-19

Working Paper
Learning-by-doing, scale efficiencies, and financial performance at Internet-only banks

In theory, Internet-only banks should have low overhead expenses, and thus should be able to charge better prices (lower fees, higher deposit rates, lower loan rates) and still earn normal profits. To test this theory, this study compares the financial performance of 10 new Internet-only banks to the financial performance of 569 new traditional banks. On average, Internet-only start-up banks have been less profitable than traditional bank start-ups. Output volumes were low, and savings from low overhead were offset by high costs in other noninterest expense categories. However, as the ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-01-06

Journal Article
The increasing-returns-to-scale/sticky- price approach to monetary analysis

Economic Quarterly , Issue Fall , Pages 79-93


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