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Journal Article
Knowledge is power: the importance of economic education

As technological advances continue to expand the range of financial services available to consumers, money management becomes increasingly complicated. Helping consumers navigate this sea of financial products is important. When households are capable of building wealth, they are also capable of building more economically stable neighborhoods and communities. That's one reason economic education is vital to the future health of our nation's economy. In "Knowledge Is Power: The Importance of Economic Education" President Anthony Santomero outlines what the Federal Reserve is doing to ...
Business Review , Issue Q4 , Pages 1-5

FED [ucation]

Essay from the 2005 Annual Report.
Annual Report

Journal Article
Supply, demand & deadlines 2003 - Diamonds in the rough: making a story shine

Report from the Minneapolis Fed's annual economics workshop for journalists.
The Region , Volume 17 , Issue Sep , Pages 28-29

Commencement address

a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006 commencement, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Speech , Paper 208

Journal Article
Economics instruction and the brave new world of monetary policy

Economics education faces a challenge in keeping up with the changes that have swept through monetary policy in recent decades. Many central banking innovations, such as interest on reserves and large-scale asset purchases, aren't adequately treated in standard textbooks. The letter is adapted from a presentation made by the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to the AEA National Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education in San Francisco on June 1, 2011.
FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Financial literacy: an overview of practice, research, and policy

Attention to financial literacy has grown in recent years, in large part because technological, market, and legislative changes have resulted in a more complex financial services industry that requires consumers to be more actively involved in managing their finances. Consumer and community interest groups, banking companies, government agencies, and policymakers, among others, have become concerned that many consumers lack a working knowledge of financial concepts and the tools they need to make decisions most advantageous to their economic well-being. As a result, considerable resources ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 88 , Issue Nov , Pages 445-457

Journal Article
Teacher workshops chip away at economic illiteracy

Workshops put on for teachers by the Atlanta and St. Louis Feds are having the desired results, a recent assessment shows. Teachers are learning about the economy and personal finance, and they are passing this information on to a student body that desperately needs it.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 15-17

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