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Journal Article
Around the Fed : Lending during the Volker disinflation

Econ Focus , Volume 12 , Issue Fall , Pages 9

Journal Article
On economic literacy

The Region , Volume 13 , Issue Jun , Pages 14-17

Giving aid effectively

University of Chicago economist and former Minneapolis Fed adviser Nancy Stokey on the goals and methods of the Copenhagen Consensus, in which 8 prominent economists used benefit/cost analysis to evaluate and prioritize projects to address serious global problems. (Annual Report essay)
Annual Report , Volume 20 , Issue May , Pages 4-28

Journal Article
A methodological approach to chaos: are economists missing the point?

Review , Issue Mar , Pages 36-48

Journal Article
Around the Fed : Why countries default

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Sum , Pages 38

Working Paper
Structural screens in stochastic markets

Working Papers , Paper 95-2

Journal Article
Going private

Econ Focus , Volume 12 , Issue Win , Pages 12-17

The environment is about economics, too

The cleanup cost of the April 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is estimated at $6 billion, not including the economic damage to the fishing and tourism industries, which will likely add several billion more. Proponents of stricter environmental regulation believe such catastrophes could be prevented at a reasonable cost. Opponents argue that many preventive procedures are too costly to justify, given the rarity of such incidents. Determining the right balance between preserving the environment and controlling costs is a difficult job for government regulators. Read the October 2010 ...
Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter , Issue October

Journal Article
A journal ranking for the ambitious economist

The authors devise an "ambition-adjusted" journal ranking based on citations from a short list of top general-interest journals in economics. Underlying this ranking is the notion that an ambitious economist wishes to be acknowledged not only in the highest reaches of the profession, but also outside his or her subfield. In addition to the conceptual advantages that they find in their ambition adjustment, they see two main practical advantages: greater transparency and a consistent treatment of subfields. They compare their 2008 ranking based on citations from 2001 to 2007 with a ranking ...
Review , Volume 91 , Issue May , Pages 127-140

Working Paper
The simultaneous equations model with generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity: the SEM-GRACH model

In this paper I generalize the standard simultaneous equations model by allowing the innovations of the structural equations to exhibit Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH). I refer to this new specification as the SEM-GARCH model. I develop two estimation strategies: LIM-GARCH, a limited information estimator, and FIM-GARCH, a full information estimator. I show that these estimators are consistent and asymptotically normal. Following Weiss (1986) I show that when the errors in the SEM-GARCH process are incorrectly assumed to be conditionally normal the likelihood ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 322



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