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Journal Article
What drives productivity growth?

Economists have long debated the best way to explain the sources of productivity growth. Neoclassical theory and "new growth" theory both regard investment?broadly defined to include purchases of tangible assets, human capital expenditures, and research and development efforts?as a critical source of productivity growth, but they differ in fundamental ways. Most notably, the neoclassical framework focuses on diminishing and internal returns to aggregate capital, while new growth models emphasize constant returns to capital that may yield external benefits. This article finds that despite ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Mar , Pages 37-59

Journal Article
Technology and growth: an overview

During the 1990s, the Federal Reserve has pursued its twin goals of price stability and steady employment with considerable success. But despite--or perhaps because of--this success, concerns about the pace of economic and productivity growth have attracted renewed attention. Many observers ruefully note that the average pace of GDP growth has remained below rates achieved in the 1960s and that a period of rapid investment in computers and other capital equipment has had disappointingly little impact on the productivity numbers. Most of the industrial world has experienced a similar decline ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-25

Journal Article
Effects of state and local public policies on economic development: an overview

The use of state and local public policy as an instrument of economic development is more controversial than ever. Profound technological and political changes have enhanced the geographic mobility of capital and extended firms' geographic range, intensifying competition among states and localities. At the same time, demand for state and local public services continues to rise, while impending reductions in federal aid compound the states' fiscal dilemma.> Caught between conflicting long-run fiscal pressures, state and local policymakers have sought advice on which policies are most ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 1-12

Journal Article
Effects of state and local public services on economic development

What impact do the quality and mix of state and local public services exert on economic development? Do high-quality services foster economic growth, even if accompanied by a high level of taxation? Are certain types of firms more sensitive to service quality than others? What are the difficulties inherent in measuring service quality, and how have investigators dealt with them?> Paper: Ronald C. Fisher> Discussion of Papers on Taxation and Public Services: Timothy J. Bartik, Harley T. Duncan, Therese J. McGuire, and Robert M. Ady
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 53-82

Journal Article
Taxation and economic development: the state of the economic literature

What conclusions, if any, can be drawn about the impact of state and local tax policy on economic development relative to other factors? What tax characteristics appear to be the most significant determinants? Are certain industries more sensitive to tax policy than others? Are business taxes more important than personal taxes? Paper: Michael Wasylenko
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 37-52

Journal Article
Technology life cycles and state economic development strategies

The extensive literature on state economic development efforts has not been much help to states in developing competitiveness strategies. The materials are primarily descriptive, with little evidence on success or failure of the experiments. In addition, state initiatives have not been viewed in a larger analytical framework that would permit generalizations and understanding of the dynamic processes underlying these changes. ; This article adopts production life-cycle models as a framework in which to analyze systematically the interrelationships between industrial and technological change, ...
New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 17-30

Journal Article
U.S economic performance: good fortune, bubble, or new era?

What accounts for the extraordinary performance of the U.S. economy in recent years? How is that we have been able to enjoy such strong economic growth and resulting low unemployment rates without an upturn in inflation? The author reviews the primary explanations offered for these unusually favorable circumstances - that the U.S. economy has been the beneficiary of temporary factors that have held down the inflation rate or that the U.S. economy has entered a new era of intensified competition and rising productivity growth in which inflation is less of a threat. She also discusses ...
New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 3-20

Journal Article
Statecraft: economic ambitions in Connecticut

Regional Review , Issue Fall , Pages 6-12

Journal Article
Redefining Main Street

Regional Review , Volume 9 , Issue Q4 , Pages 7-15

Journal Article
Leapfrog and catch-up

Regional Review , Issue Q 1 , Pages 14-19



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