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Keywords:Economic development 

Working Paper
The Olympic effect

Economists are skeptical about the economic benefits of hosting "mega-events" such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, since such activities have considerable cost and seem to yield few tangible benefits. These doubts are rarely shared by policymakers and the population, who are typically quite enthusiastic about such spectacles. In this paper, we reconcile these positions by examining the economic impact of hosting mega-events like the Olympics; we focus on trade. Using a variety of trade models, we show that hosting a mega-event like the Olympics has a positive impact on national ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2009-06

Journal Article
Economic development in rural Wisconsin: developing a 21st century response to compete in today’s global marketplace

In October 2011, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago?s Community Development and Policy Studies division co-sponsored a two-day conference that explored and discussed policies that speed, strengthen, and enhance economic development in Wisconsin?s rural areas to increase their competitiveness in today?s global economy. This article summarizes key points from presentations and discussions at the symposium. ; Over 150 participants, representing community banks in the Seventh Federal Reserve District, economic development/finance agencies, small business owners, researchers, and policymakers, ...
Profitwise , Issue Nov

Working Paper
Intangible capital and economic growth

Published macroeconomic data traditionally exclude most intangible investment from measured GDP. This situation is beginning to change, but our estimates suggest that as much as $800 billion is still excluded from U.S. published data (as of 2003), and that this leads to the exclusion of more than $3 trillion of business intangible capital stock. To assess the importance of this omission, we add intangible capital to the standard sources-of-growth framework used by the BLS, and find that the inclusion of our list of intangible assets makes a significant difference in the observed patterns of ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2006-24

Journal Article
The 1972 national economic plan: an experiment in fiscal activism

Review , Volume 54 , Issue Mar , Pages 3-10

Working Paper
Economic freedom and employment growth in U.S. states

We extend earlier models of economic growth and development by exploring the effect of economic freedom on U.S. state employment growth. We find that states with greater economic freedom - defined as the protection of private property and private markets operating with minimal government interference - experienced greater rates of employment growth. In addition, we find that less restrictive state and national government labor market policies have the greatest impact on employment growth in U.S. states. Except for labor market policies, we find that state employment growth is influenced by ...
Working Papers , Paper 2010-006

Journal Article
Missing the bus

Many worry over the loss of intercity bus and train service. But local, on-demand transit service is more critical for rural mobility.
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Mar , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Going the extra mile : broadband internet comes to rural areas in the Fifth District

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Win , Pages 18-21

Journal Article
Despite setbacks, the U.S. economy steams forward

The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 18

Journal Article
The ABCs of ECD

Conference explores the latest research on the economics of early childhood development
The Region , Volume 17 , Issue Dec , Pages 20-24

Conference Paper
Foreword: Achieving maximum long-run growth

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole



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