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Journal Article
Texas Southern University prepares community development professionals (Houston)

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2 , Pages 6

Journal Article
How does an increase in government purchases affect economy?

This article studies the impact on aggregate economic activity of increases in defense purchases which are unrelated to other developments in the economy. The authors use empirical evidence to evaluate the predictions of several prominent models.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 22 , Issue Q III , Pages 29-43

Journal Article
Shocked, only not: false positive cases of employment decline

Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Nov , Pages 8

Early childhood education, economic development, and the business community

Remarks at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla., October 22, 2009
Speech , Paper 1

Journal Article
Despite setbacks, the U.S. economy steams forward

The Regional Economist , Issue Jan , Pages 18

Working Paper
The role of small business in economic development

This paper sets out to evaluate the role that entrepreneurs and small businesses play in economic development. How important are entrepreneurs and small businesses in creating jobs, and are these the types of jobs that should be encouraged? How important are entrepreneurs and small businesses in the development of new products and new markets? Does promoting entrepreneurship and small businesses make sense as an economic development strategy? The answer is yes, but with some qualifications. Small businesses are potent job creators, but so are large businesses. The attribution of the bulk of ...
Community Affairs Research Working Paper , Paper 2005-01

Journal Article
More on finance and growth: more finance, more growth?

Review , Volume 85 , Issue Jul

Giving aid effectively

University of Chicago economist and former Minneapolis Fed adviser Nancy Stokey on the goals and methods of the Copenhagen Consensus, in which 8 prominent economists used benefit/cost analysis to evaluate and prioritize projects to address serious global problems. (Annual Report essay)
Annual Report , Volume 20 , Issue May , Pages 4-28

Working Paper
Temporal aggregation in a multi-sector economy with endogenous growth

We provide a theoretical treatment of temporal aggregation in models that exhibit long-term endogenously-generated steady growth; hence generalizing our previous analysis (Econometrica 62, 1994, pp. 635-56). We introduce the property of steady-growth invariance - that the long-term growth of the continuous-time economy not be affected by the discretization - which imposes consistency restrictions on the joint formulation of preferences and stock accumulation of the discrete-time approximation. We establish, under mild conditions, these restrictions in the form of necessary and sufficient ...
Working Papers , Paper 554

Journal Article
Economic history : Trade trailblazer : the National Road linked communities and helped expand America's western frontier

Econ Focus , Volume 7 , Issue Fall , Pages 36-39



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