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Journal Article
The dollar in the eighties

An analysis of exchange-rate patterns and a discussion of factors thought to influence the strength of the dollar in the foreign exchange market.
Economic Commentary , Issue Sep

Excerpts from \"Comments on the current financial crisis\"

Remarks before the Ninth Annual R.I.S.E. (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) Forum Dayton, Ohio, March 26, 2009 ; "Here is a take-home quote from Charles Mackay's classic tome "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds", written in 1841: 'Men think in herds...[and] they go mad in herds.' Just as the astute investor should have resisted joining the thundering herd's mad euphoria, I suggest you resist joining in the current stampede of despair."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 13

Journal Article
Monetary policy report to the Congress, February 17, 2001

When the Federal Reserve submitted its previous Monetary Policy Report to the Congress, in July 2000, tentative signs of a moderation in the growth of economic activity were emerging after several quarters of extraordinarily rapid expansion. Indications that the expansion had moderated from its earlier rapid pace gradually accumulated during the summer and into the autumn. For a time, this downshifting of growth seemed to have left the economy expanding at a pace roughly in line with that of its potential. Over the last few months of the year, however, growth slowed even more, although the ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
The New Mexico economy: outlook for 1989

Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Nov , Pages 21-36

Where we go from here : the crisis and beyond (with reference to P.G. Wodehouse, John Kenneth Galbraith, Alan Greenspan and an unnamed Eller College student)

Remarks before the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, March 30, 2010 ; "Generally, the data indicate that we will move down the field this year at about a 3 percent clip. It is less than we had grown accustomed to in the heyday before the crisis, and it may not result in as rapid a reduction in unemployment as we would like."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 44

The role of monetary policy in bolstering economic growth

Presentation to community leaders, Salt Lake City, Utah, November 2, 2012
Speech , Paper 112

The uncertain economic outlook and the policy responses

Presentation to the Forecasters Club of New York, March 25, 2009
Speech , Paper 69

Journal Article
Commentary on Estimating U.S. output growth with vintage data in a state-space framework

Review , Volume 91 , Issue Jul , Pages 371-382

Journal Article
Monetary policy report to the Congress

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug



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