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College pays dividends - more so in Texas than U.S.

Economic research confirms what parents have been telling their children for generations: College education pays off in higher earnings. Indeed, the gains from earning a college degree have been rising over the past quarter century--in both the nation and Texas. ; Supply and demand go a long way toward explaining rapid increases in the college premium since the 1980s. Texas' faster increases suggest demand growth has outpaced supply growth by a wider margin in the state than the nation.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 3-6

Journal Article
Noteworthy: Fortune 500: Texas ties California for national lead

According to the 2010 Fortune 500, released in April, Texas hosts the headquarters of 57 of the nation's 500 largest companies, ranked by gross revenues. Texas secured its place as a Fortune 500 leader through its position as focal point of the domestic energy industry, its relatively strong economic growth over the past decade, and its relatively low tax rates and living costs.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 15

Journal Article
Noteworthy: dairy squeeze: low prices, high costs hit Texas industry

Production of more than 7 billion pounds a year makes milk one of Texas' top 10 agricultural commodities. However, 2009 is shaping up to be a tough year for the state's dairy producers.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 15

Journal Article
Noteworthy: Texas high tech: feeling the bite of the U.S. recession

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 14

The current state of the U.S. and Mexican economies: where do we go from here?

"As I sit at the FOMC table, I continue to fret more about inflation than I do about growth. While I am well aware of the risks to economic growth, the history of inverted yield curves, and the ever present possibility of exogenous shocks in a politically hazardous world, the 'balance of risk,' in my book, is still tilted to the inflation side of the equation." ; Remarks at a Policy Forum hosted by the El Paso Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Monterrey Branch of the Banco de Mexico, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, September 25, 2006
Speeches and Essays , Paper 64

Journal Article
The unsinkable Texas economy

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
Why Texas feels less subprime stress than U.S.

Differences in economic factors and mortgage characteristics give the state a lower delinquency rate.
Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 3-6, 16

Journal Article
Is telecom disconnected or just on hold?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 11-16

Journal Article
New Dallas Fed indicator tracks Texas retail sales

A new economic indicator published monthly by the Dallas Fed will provide timely estimates of retail sales in Texas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 3-4, 16

Journal Article
Spotlight: Imports and Exports: Container trade thriving in Texas

The real value of trade processed through Texas ports grew at nearly twice the national pace. Rapid growth in trade with Asia implies that containerized shipping--the movement of goods by standardized intermodal cargo containers--will play an increasingly prominent role. ; As container shipments to Texas increase, the need to transport containerized goods from West Coast ports by rail or truck will decrease. The comparative efficiency of shipping by sea is well noted. Further efficiencies will likely be realized through economies of scale as larger ships pass through the expanded Panama ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 15


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