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A primer on inflation (with comments on real estate in the Metroplex)

Remarks at the 6th Annual Real Estate Symposium, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, Texas, August 30, 2006 ; "Our current analysis points to an economy at a crossroads. High energy prices, rising interest rates and the slowdown in a red-hot housing market have taken some of the steam out of what had been a fairly robust expansion. At the same time, our current inflation indicators are not presently as well behaved as I would like them to be. Central bankers are always concerned when inflation starts to rear its ugly head. We know from experience that once inflation gains momentum, it ...
Speeches and Essays , Paper 65

The current state of the U.S. and Mexican economies: where do we go from here?

"As I sit at the FOMC table, I continue to fret more about inflation than I do about growth. While I am well aware of the risks to economic growth, the history of inverted yield curves, and the ever present possibility of exogenous shocks in a politically hazardous world, the 'balance of risk,' in my book, is still tilted to the inflation side of the equation." ; Remarks at a Policy Forum hosted by the El Paso Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Monterrey Branch of the Banco de Mexico, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, September 25, 2006
Speeches and Essays , Paper 64

Texas redux, America restrained (with a discussion of the limits of monetary policy)

Remarks before the Texas Manufacturers Summit 2012, San Marcos, TX, February 15, 2012 ; "In a nutshell, Texas continues on a path it has been on for over two decades, outperforming the nation in economic growth and job expansion. We have fully recovered the jobs lost during the Great Recession and have punched through previous peak employment levels."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 103

Texas: what makes us exceptional? Where are we vulnerable?

Remarks before the 2010 Pre-Session Legislative Conference, Austin, Texas, December, 2010 ; "With each passing year, Texas has consistently outperformed the rest of the nation in growing economic prosperity. Over the past three especially difficult years, the Texas economy has outperformed all other states, except for those tiny ones whose populations would not aggregate to the size of any of our major cities."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 84

Remarks to the Headliners Club

Austin, Texas, February 27, 2007 ; "Last year, employment grew twice as fast in Texas as it did in the rest of the United States. Construction payrolls grew at five times the U.S. rate. We added 26,000 net new factory jobs in 2006, while the nation's manufacturers posted an overall loss of 110,300 jobs. The energy sector grew its workforce by over 13 percent, well outpacing the rest of the country's 7.5 percent rate. Our energy sector still only employs about 2 percent of our workforce. Texas excels at the high-value-added end of the equation: Our output per worker in computers and ...
Speeches and Essays , Paper 52

“Not to be used externally, but also harmful if swallowed”: projecting the future of the economy and lessons learned from Texas and Mexico

Remarks before the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, TX, March 5, 2012 ; "I would suggest to you that, if the data continue to improve, however gradually, the markets should begin preparing themselves for the good Dr. Fed to wean them from their dependency rather than administer further dosage."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 105

Of moose and men (with no reference to Steinbeck)

Remarks before the National Association for Business Economics, Dallas, Texas, September 12, 2011 ; "It is incumbent on the Fed and other bank regulators to reduce the regulatory burdens that are inhibiting indeed, overwhelming community bankers whose business it is to lend to creditworthy small businesses."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 94

Remarks before the 55th Annual Meeting of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

"As to the Federal Reserve reducing its balance sheet so as not to monetize the excess reserves waiting to be converted to bank loans to the private sector, I have been very clear: Given the lag between the time monetary policy is initiated and when it impacts the economy, that wind-down process needs to begin as soon as there are convincing signs that economic growth is gaining traction and that the lending capacity of the banking system is capable of expansion." ; Remarks before the 55th Annual Meeting of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, Texas, September 9, 2009.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 6

Journal Article
Corpus Christi: an economy in transition

Corpus Christi tempts tourists with miles of beaches, sea breezes, an arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants, shopping and more. It is also home to a major seaport, Texas A&M UniversityCorpus Christi, a large health care system, military bases, refineries and chemical plants. Port activity and tourism remain important components of the Corpus Christi economy. However, some sectors are declining in importance, such as agriculture, oil and gas, petrochemicals and military, while others are expanding, such as health care, alternative energy and education. ; Jobs in the Corpus Christi ...

Journal Article
Affordability and education: keys to San Antonio's long-term growth

This article analyzes San Antonio's competitiveness compared with a group of peer MSAs defined by similar attributes of location, industry composition, demographics, tourism and population size. Our analysis finds that San Antonio remains very economically competitive and likely will continue to enjoy above-average growth in the long run, although the Alamo City does face long-term challenges due to a less-educated population.


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