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Journal Article
Manufacturing matters: conference explores challenges faced by Buffalo's manufacturing sector

The June 6 conference "Manufacturing Matters" was sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Buffalo Branch in conjunction with the Western New York Technology Development Center and the Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Manufacturers Council.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Small businesses in upstate New York rank barriers to growth

The Buffalo Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) surveyed small businesses in western and central New York State. The object of the survey was to identify what small business owners perceive to be the chief barriers to the growth of their companies. We provide an overview of the survey and its findings. The barriers to growth cited in upstate New York are similar to those cited nationwide: nonwage worker costs, state and federal taxes, and energy costs. Small business owners also see several advantages to their upstate New York ...
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Win

The linkage between regional economic indexes and tax bases: evidence from New York

This paper examines the linkage between economic activity and tax revenues for New York State and New York City. Drawing upon the methodology of Stock and Watson, we use a dynamic single-factor model to estimate indexes of coincident economic indicators. We also construct measures of the sales and withholding tax bases. To conduct an empirical analysis of the relationship between the indexes of economic activity and the tax base series, we use vector autoregression and error correction models. The results provide strong evidence that the coincident indexes contain useful information for ...
Staff Reports , Paper 188

The national and regional economic outlook

Remarks at the Long Island Association, Melville, New York.
Speech , Paper 76

Journal Article
The upstate economy under the new NAICS classification system

We examine the composition of the upstate New York economy as reflected by the new NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) classifications, and explain how this new perspective changes our understanding of the economy. In addition, given the importance of manufacturing to upstate New York, we examine in detail the manufacturing sector under the new NAICS classification.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Sum

The national and regional economic outlook

Remarks at the Buffalo-Niagara Partnership, Buffalo, New York .
Speech , Paper 80

Journal Article
Buffalo's employment on the rise

Employment growth in 1999 for the Buffalo metropolitan area was the strongest in a decade. Buffalo's job growth rate of 1.6 percent was still less than that of the U.S., upstate, and New York State as a whole. In a second section on the cost of rail shipping in Western New York, we present data showing that rates for the four studied commodities have in fact been above national averages. Although it is difficult to determine the exact reasons for Buffalo's higher prices, some combination of higher costs and a lack of competition likely explain the differential.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Spr

The national and regional economic outlook

Remarks at the University at Albany, Albany, New York.
Speech , Paper 70

Journal Article
Economic restructuring in western New York State

We explore the distinctive patterns of Buffalo and Rochester's economic restructuring in detail. We compare the board structural changes in Buffalo's economy with those in Rochester's, and the changes in both metropolitan economies with those in the national economy. We also seek to understand the roots of these changes through an analysis of industry-level data. We find that although Buffalo and Rochester remain highly dependent on goods production and distribution, both cities have followed the national trend away from goods producing industries and toward service industries.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Population out-migration from Upstate New York

We identify the nature and extent of the out-migration from the upper New York State region and examine its economic impact. Our analysis begins with an explanation for the outflow. Next, we describe population growth trends and estimate the extent of the out-migration. We conclude by showing how out-migration is reshaping upstate New York's economy and demographics, and is resulting in limited growth and a population that is aging faster than most U.S. populations.
The Regional Economy of Upstate New York , Issue Win



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