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Keywords:Discrimination in mortgage loans 

Discussion Paper
Small-business access to trade credit: some evidence of ethnic differences

Based on findings from a survey of Black Households, this paper highlights socioeconomic and demographic factors that many influence the utilization of different financial markets. In addition, it discusses the potentially important role that informal financial networks can play in racial/ethnic communities. We propose that education programs, proactive community participation and partnerships between financial institutions and community organizations are important for greater access to credit and financial services among Black Households.
Consumer and Community Affairs Policy Studies , Paper 2000-2

Journal Article
Race and mortgage lending: dissecting the controversy

Regional Review , Issue Fall , Pages 18-24

Journal Article
Redlining or red herring?

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 8-13

Discussion Paper
Ethnic immigrants enclaves and homeownership: a case study of an urban Hispanic community

Consumer and Community Affairs Policy Studies , Paper 2000-6

Journal Article
Who has the authority to regulate predatory lending?

An investigation of who has the authority to address predatory lending in the Fourth Federal Reserve District. Regulatory agencies, including the Federal Reserve, are concerned about abusive lending practices that may be corroding some of the positive impacts of CRA-related lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods over the last decade.
Community Reinvestment Forum , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Mortgage brokers and fair lending

Mortgage brokers play an important role in the housing finance market, but they also present unique challenges to regulators attempting to enforce fair lending laws. Should lenders be held responsible for the pricing decisions of brokers from whom they receive loan applications, or should fair lending laws instead be applied directly to the brokers themselves?
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Mortgage lending in Boston: a response to the critics

Three years ago, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston released an examination of racial patterns in mortgage denial rates in the Boston area. The study was motivated by newly available data on mortgage applications, showing that black and Hispanic applicants were two to three times as likely to be turned down for mortgages as white applicants. The study gathered all the variables thought to be missing from the HMDA analysis, such as the applicants' debt burdens and credit histories, to see whether these economic factors explained the racial difference in denial rates. Although the additional ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 53-78

Working Paper
Accounting for racial differences in housing credit markets

A documentation of racial and neighborhood differences in home mortgage denial rates using data collected under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, exploring the extent to which objective lending criteria are responsible for observed differences. The authors find persistent variations in denial rates between white and minority applicants, but emphasize that the HMDA data do not contain enough relevant information to draw any firm conclusions regarding causation.
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 9310

Working Paper
Information and screening in real estate finance: an introduction

Working Papers , Paper 94-15

Conference Paper
Housing-finance intervention and private incentives: helping minorities and the poor



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