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Journal Article
Fed discount window provides credit to depository institutions

Financial Update , Volume 10 , Issue Oct , Pages 6

Journal Article
Extension of temporary seasonal adjustment program for agricultural banks

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 210

Journal Article
Examining the Federal Reserve's new liquidity measures

The Fed has taken a number of steps to address the tightness in credit markets, including traditional monetary policy tools as well as measures at the level of specific markets to provide additional liquidity.
Financial Update , Volume 21 , Issue 2

Journal Article
Restructuring of interest rate charges on discount window borrowings effective January 9, 1992

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Conference Paper
Federal Reserve tools in the monetary policy process in recent decades

Proceedings , Paper 1, pt. 1

Journal Article
Reserve requirements and the discount window in recent decades

Reserve requirements and the discount window have long supported open market operations in the monetary policy process. Focusing on the last four decades, the author first examines the effects of required reserves on policy implementation, bank behavior, and government revenues, giving special attention to the recent cuts in requirements. She then considers the rules governing access to the discount window and the factors influencing banks' use of the window.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Aut , Pages 25-43

Some observations and lessons from the crisis

Remarks at the Third Annual Connecticut Bank and Trust Company Economic Outlook Breakfast, Hartford, Connecticut.

Journal Article
Restructuring of interest rate charges on discount window borrowings effective July 30, 1987

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep

Working Paper
The recent evolution of Federal Reserve operating procedures

Research Working Paper , Paper 86-13

Working Paper
The Fed's Discount Window in "Normal" Times

We study new transaction-level data of discount window borrowing in the U.S. from 2010–17, merged with quarterly data on bank financial conditions (balance sheet and revenue). The objective is to improve our understanding of the reasons why banks use the discount window during periods outside financial crises. We also provide a model of the decision of banks to borrow at the window, which is helpful for interpreting the data. We find that decisions to gain access and to borrow at the discount window are meaningfully correlated with some relevant characteristics of banks and the composition ...
Working Paper , Paper 21-01



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