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Conference Paper
General discussion : Weiner-Wright : Interchange fees in various countries : developments and determinants

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences , Issue May , Pages 65-72

Conference Paper
Workshop overview

Proceedings , Paper 655

Working Paper
Payment choice with consumer panel data

We exploit scanner data to track payment choice for grocery purchases for a large panel of households over three years. We show that households focus most of their expenditures on one or at most two of these instruments in choosing between using cash, a check, or a card, and they very rarely switch. We focus particularly on the role of expenditure size in determining payment choice. While the use of a long panel for these purposes is novel, the introduction of controls for household heterogeneity has little effect on our estimates. Thus, we find that transaction size is an important ...
Working Papers , Paper 13-6

Conference Paper
Online payments: challenges and opportunities

Proceedings , Paper 750

Merchant steering of consumer payment choice: lessons learned from consumer surveys

Recent policy changes allow merchants to influence consumers? choice of payment instruments by offering price discounts and other incentives. This report describes lessons learned from using consumer survey responses to assess whether merchants tried to influence buyers? choice of payment method. To measure the effects of these recent policy changes, we included questions about merchant steering in pilot versions of a new diary survey of U.S. consumers. Our findings are inconclusive because some respondents interpreted the questions differently from the way we intended. This report aims to ...
Research Data Report , Paper 13-1

Conference Paper
Legal policy

Proceedings , Paper 749

Why use debit instead of credit? Consumer choice in a trillion-dollar market

Debit cards are overtaking credit cards as the most prevalent form of electronic payment at the point of sale, yet the determinants of a ubiquitous consumer choice-"debit or credit?"-have received relatively little scrutiny. Several stylized facts suggest that debit-card use is driven by behavioral factors. The popular view is that debit-card use presents a puzzle for canonical economic models. However, we should not overlook standard cost-based motives for using debit cards. Principally, the 50 percent of debit-card users who revolve credit-card balances would pay interest to charge ...
Staff Reports , Paper 191

Journal Article
What's really new about the new forms of retail payment?

Rapid developments in technology have brought about new methods of retail payment-such as remote banking, electronic cash, and debit, stored-value, and smart cards-that were unavailable a decade ago. Some observers believe that these alternative payment methods will differ from traditional methods not only in a technological but also in an economic sense and will alter how consumers and businesses interact. ; This article examines the question of whether, from the standpoint of economic theory, there is or will likely be anything new about these new forms of payment. The author describes some ...
Economic Review , Volume 82 , Issue Q 1 , Pages 32-45

Journal Article
Banking industry evolution along the Texas-Mexico border

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 11-13

Journal Article
As payments go plastic : understanding the costs of credit and debit cards

TEN , Issue Sum , Pages 16-21


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