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How Many Employees Are Prepared to Work from Home?

Sorting workers by occupation and income helps shed light on who is more likely to be able to work remotely.
On the Economy

The State of COVID-19 around the Eighth District

What have COVID-19 trends in cases and deaths looked like in the largest MSAs in the District?
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“Parasite,” COVID-19, and U.S. Wealth Inequality

The movie “Parasite” focuses on two South Korean families on the opposite ends of the wealth spectrum. What insights can it provide about wealth inequality in the U.S.?
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Corporate Bond Spreads and the Pandemic II: Heterogeneity across Sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on firm borrowing costs have been heterogeneous, with some sectors being more affected than others.
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House Hunting in a Period of Social Distancing

Lower housing demand due to quarantine orders, slowing price growth and mortgage originations, and a historically high housing supply are all hitting the economy at the same time.
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COVID-19: Projected Deaths in the U.S.

This post documents COVID-19-related deaths in a few countries and uses those data to provide projections for the U.S.
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The St. Louis Fed's Financial Stress Index, Version 2.0

The St. Louis Fed's financial stress index has been recalibrated to better capture evolving stresses in financial markets.
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How to Achieve a V-Shaped Recovery amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contrasting the Great Depression and Great Recession recoveries helps show how GDP levels and growth rates can respond to different levels of policy responses.
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Working Paper
Financial Profiles of Workers Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus-Related Earnings Loss in the Spring of 2020

In spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns had huge effects on unemployment. Using data from the Survey of Consumer Finances, we describe the financial profiles of US families whose workers were most vulnerable to coronavirus-related earnings losses in the spring of 2020, based on whether a particular worker was deemed "essential" and whether a worker's job could be conducted remotely. We use descriptive analytic techniques to examine how families' baseline financial situations would allow them to weather COVID-shutdown-related earnings losses. We find that families with ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2020-093

How Fast Are COVID-19 Death Rates Declining? U.S. vs. Other Countries

The U.S. death rate from COVID-19 has fallen considerably from its peak, but it isn’t falling as fast as the rates in other countries.
On the Economy

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