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Journal Article
Consumer sentiment and the economic downturn

FRBSF Economic Letter

Is consumption insufficiently sensitive to innovations in income?

Deaton (1986) has noted that if income is a first-order autoregressive process in first differences, then a simple version of Friedman?s permanent income hypothesis (SPIH) implies that measured U.S. consumption is insufficiently sensitive to innovations in income. This paper argues that this implication of the SPIH is a consequence of the fact that it ignores the role of the substitution effect in the consumption decision. Using a parametric version of the standard model of economic growth, the paper shows that very small movements in interest rates are sufficient to induce an empirically ...
Staff Report , Paper 106

Journal Article
The long-run relationship between consumption and housing wealth in the Eighth District states

Regional Economic Development , Issue Oct , Pages 140-147

Journal Article
Expenditures in 1951

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Development in consumer goods

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Housing and the economic recovery

Remarks at the New Jersey Bankers Association Economic Forum, Iselin, New Jersey.
Speech , Paper 73

Working Paper
An optimizing model for monetary policy analysis: can habit formation help?

This paper discusses a rigorous empirical standard for monetary policy models. The motivation for this discussion is that, if one wishes to conduct welfare analysis , one must be reasonably confident that the model provides a good approximation to underlying consumer and firm behavior over the monetary policy horizon, i.e., in the short-run. The paper examines a specific alternative to the standard consumption model in which consumers' utility depends in part on current consumption relative to past consumption.
Working Papers , Paper 98-1

Working Paper
The aggregate effects of temporary government purchases

Working Papers , Paper 9007

Journal Article
Kemp-Roth and saving

FRBSF Economic Letter



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