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Journal Article
Development in consumer goods

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Working Paper
Technology adoption and consumer payments : evidence from survey data

Consumers pay for hundreds of goods and services each year, but across households and across goods, consumers do not choose to pay the same way. This paper posits that these differences depend in part on consumers' propensity to adopt new technologies, and depend in part on the nature of the transaction. In order to test these hypotheses, this paper offers comparisons of payment instrument use at the point of sale and for bill payment from a sample of consumers surveyed in 2001, drawn primarily from users of the Internet. The results indicate that consumers who use technology or computers are ...
Payments System Research Working Paper , Paper PSR WP 02-01

Journal Article
Financial literacy education: a potential tool for reducing predatory lending?

A review of studies on the effectiveness of financial literacy training and whether such training results in responsible financial decision making by consumers.
The Region , Volume 16 , Issue Dec. , Pages 6-9, 34-36

Journal Article
A matter of antitrust: the debate over the role of government as referee of market competition

Related link(s):
Econ Focus , Volume 13 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
The churn among firms

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 6-9

Journal Article
Designing disclosures to inform consumer financial decisionmaking: lessons learned from consumer testing

The Federal Reserve Board has studied ways to improve the disclosures that consumers draw on when they purchase and use financial products and services. This article examines lessons learned from the Board's consumer testing projects, suggests potential best practices for disclosure content and presentation, and identifies challenges involved in crafting effective disclosures for financial products.
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 97 , Issue August

Journal Article
Texas' CAC members

e-Perspectives , Issue 3

Journal Article
1957 survey of consumer finances: the financial position of consumers

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Federal Reserve’s Consumer Advisory Council: a Q&A with Governor Gramlich

e-Perspectives , Issue 3

Journal Article
The strength of consumer balance sheets

A discussion of the 1979 to 1981 overall reduction in consumer debt and of its possible impact on the economy, with a summary of asset characteristics, and an analysis of changes in consumer balance sheets.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jul



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