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Journal Article
What's happening at the state and local level

e-Perspectives , Issue 2

Journal Article
Changing Credit Profile of Consumers: Aging Versus the Business Cycle

The average consumer credit score reached a record high recently. While some commentators attributed this development to the cyclical rebound from the Great Recession, I find that the changing age distribution of credit applicants also played a significant role. Changes in demographics alone can explain 43 percent of the increase in the average score from 1999:Q1 to 2017:Q2.
Macro Bulletin

Journal Article
Financial literacy education: a potential tool for reducing predatory lending?

A review of studies on the effectiveness of financial literacy training and whether such training results in responsible financial decision making by consumers.
The Region , Volume 16 , Issue Dec. , Pages 6-9, 34-36

Working Paper
Regulating two-sided markets: an empirical investigation

We study the effect of government encouraged or mandated interchange fee ceilings on consumer and merchant adoption and usage of payment cards in an economy where card acceptance is far from complete. We believe that we are the first to use bank- level data to study the impact of interchange fee regulation. We find that consumer and merchant welfare improved because of increased consumer and merchant adoption leading to greater usage of payment cards. We also find that bank revenues increased when interchange fees were reduced although these results are critically dependent on merchant ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-09-11

Working Paper
Indirect Consumer Inflation Expectations: Theory and Evidence

Based on indirect utility theory, we introduce a novel methodology of measuring inflation expectations indirectly. This methodology starts at the individual level, asking consumers about the change in income required to buy the same amounts of goods and services one year ahead. Analytically, our methodology possesses smaller ex-post aggregate inflation forecast errors relative to forecasts based on conventional survey questions. We ask this question in a large-scale, high-frequency survey of consumers in the US and 14 countries, and we show that indirect consumer inflation expectations ...
Working Papers , Paper 22-35

Working Paper
Consumer search, price dispersion, and international relative price volatility

This paper develops a model of consumer search consistent with the evidence of substantial price dispersion within countries. This model is used to study international relative price fluctuations. Consumer search frictions permit firms to price discriminate across markets based on the local wage of consumers. With price dispersion, the market price of a good does not measure its resource cost. This breaks the tight link between relative quantities and relative prices implied by most models. We show that volatile and persistent fluctuations in relative wages lead to volatile and persistent ...
Working Papers , Paper 05-9

Journal Article
Postwar use of consumer funds

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep , Pages 967-973

Conference Paper
Reasons for optimism: the current state of the American economy

Proceedings , Paper 925

Journal Article
Consumer Spending Declines, Shifts in Response to the Pandemic

Consumer spending plunged last spring as the pandemic swept through the United States. Although spending rebounded sharply in the second half of 2020, it remained below year-ago levels due to persistently high unemployment, business restrictions, and continued health risks in social settings. In addition to the drop in overall spending, the pandemic has led to dramatic shifts in the mix of goods and services that consumers purchase.
Economic Bulletin , Issue February 17, 2021 , Pages 4

Journal Article
Opinion : When disclosure is not enough

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Fall , Pages 52



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