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Working Paper
Consumer-finance myths and other obstacles to financial literacy

The consumer-finance market for middle and upper-income households in the United States is characterized by a wide range of choices, both in terms of financial-services providers and the specific products and services available.1 Prices generally are determined in competitive markets. Consumer-protection regulation is extensive. Why then is there so much dissatisfaction with the U.S. consumer-finance market, even for prime-quality customers? ; This paper focuses not on inadequate choices, inadequate competition or regulation, but on the difficulty many middle and upper-income households ...
Supervisory Policy Analysis Working Papers , Paper 2005-03

Consumer and community affairs


Journal Article
Revisions to Regulation M official staff commentary effective March 31, 1999

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May

Journal Article
Guidance on protection of customer financial information against identity theft

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jun

Working Paper
Preferences for banking and payment services among low- and moderate-income households

This paper characterizes the features of an account-based payment card--including bank debit cards, prepaid debit cards, and payroll cards--that elicit a high take-rate among low- and moderate-income (LMI) households, particularly those without bank accounts. We apply marketing research techniques, specifically choice modeling, to identify the design of a specific financial services product for LMI households, who often face difficulties maintaining standard bank accounts but need banking services. After monthly cost, we find that, on average, non-monetary features of a payment card, such as ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2011-13

Journal Article
Privacy matters: Payments Cards Center Workshop on the right to privacy and the financial services industry.

"Privacy Matters: Payments Cards Center Workshop on the Right to Privacy and the Financial Services Industry," summarizes the main points of a workshop sponsored by the Bank's Payment Cards Center. The workshop, led by University of Pennsylvania law professor Anita L. Allen, covered the privacy provisions of GLB. ; Also issued as Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper No. 01-07
Business Review , Issue Q4 , Pages 5-8

Journal Article
Regulation M: improved protections for consumer leasing

A review of the new Regulation M and its segregated disclosures, intended to protect consumers during the leasing process.
Communities and Banking , Issue Sum , Pages 19-22

Journal Article
Complying with consumer credit regulations: a challenge

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep


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