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Journal Article
Consumer sentiment and the economic downturn

FRBSF Economic Letter

Discussion Paper
On the information content of consumer survey expectations

Special Studies Papers , Paper 204

Conference Paper
Housing, credit and consumer expenditure

Many factors have contributed to the development of credit markets, easing access of households to credit. This paper considers the implications of easier credit for the influence of higher house prices on consumer expenditure. It argues that with poorly developed credit markets, the effect is likely to be negative, but becomes positive as access to housing collateral increases and down-payments for first time homebuyers fall in relation to values. The implications for differences between countries and changes in consumer behaviour over time are explored. Previous studies are reviewed: the ...
Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
1951 survey of consumer finances: part V. distribution of debt and selected nonliquid assets of consumer spending units

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec , Pages 1516-1526

Journal Article
Credit cards: use and consumer attitudes, 1970-2000

From modest origins in the 1950s as a convenient way for the relatively well-to-do to settle restaurant and department store purchases without carrying cash, credit cards have become a ubiquitous financial product held by households in all economic strata. Since the late 1960s, much federal legislation has been enacted to ensure that consumers have the protections and information they need to use this widely available form of open-end credit wisely. Nevertheless, concerns persist about whether consumers fully understand the costs and implications of using credit cards and whether credit cards ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 86 , Issue Sep

Journal Article
1949 survey of consumer finances: part VI ownership of automobiles, stocks and bonds, and other nonliquid assets

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct , Pages 1182-1197

A new trend for U.S. household spending

Holiday sales are expected to be weak again this year even though the economy and financial markets are improving. Shoppers are especially reluctant to use credit cards for holiday purchases. According to the National Retail Federation's 2009 Consumer Intentions and Action Survey, only 28.3 percent of holiday shoppers will use credit cards; this is 10.6 percent lower than one year ago. Why are shoppers so hesitant to use their credit cards this year? Many factors are involved. Read the January 2010 Newsletter for the answers.
Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter , Issue January

Journal Article
Changes in family finances from 1983 to 1989: evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan

Journal Article
1949 survey of consumer finances: part III distribution of consumer income in 1948

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul , Pages 778-792

Working Paper
Credit card debt and payment use

Approximately half of credit card holders in the United States regularly carry unpaid credit card debt. These so-called "revolvers" exhibit payment behavior that differs from that of those who repay their entire credit card balance every month. Previous literature has focused on the adoption of debit cards by people who carry credit card balances, but so far there has been no empirical analysis exploring the relationship between revolving behavior and patterns of payment use, such as substitution away from credit cards to other payment methods. ; Using data collected in the 2005 Survey of ...
Working Papers , Paper 08-2



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