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Discussion Paper
The Boston Fed study of consumer behavior and payment choice: a survey of Federal Reserve System employees

The way people pay for goods and services is changing dramatically, but little data and research on consumer behavior and payment choice are publicly available. This paper describes the results of a survey of payment behavior and attitudes taken by Federal Reserve employees in 2004. Major contributions of the survey are that it asks: 1) why payment choices are made; 2) why individual payment behavior has changed; and 3) why individual-specific payment characteristics matter for payment choice. Although the survey is not statistically representative of U.S. consumers, and thus may not provide ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 07-1

Journal Article
Saving and demographics: some international comparisons

Business Review , Issue Mar , Pages 13-23

Conference Paper
Housing, housing finance, and monetary policy: an introduction to the Bank's 2007 Economic Symposium

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
Expanding variety of goods underscores battle for competitive advantage

The variety of goods imported to the U.S. has dramatically increased in the past two decades. This growth reflects a widening circle of nations delivering the same goods to this country. In some cases, the U.S. makes its own version of these products--such as Hershey's chocolate, which is consumed within the U.S. and exported. At the same time, a growing number of competing brands originating from numerous other countries are sold here. ; Such increasing variety of trade has been characteristic of many goods. Analyzing this type of commercial activity helps explain how countries and firms ...
Economic Letter , Volume 5

Journal Article
A cashless society?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
1958 survey of consumer finances: purchases of durable goods

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Supersize me

Consumption trends suggest middle class continuing to get ahead.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Sep , Pages 6-8

Working Paper
Payment Choice and the Future of Currency: Insights from Two Billion Retail Transactions

This paper uses transaction-level data from a large discount chain together with zip-code-level explanatory variables to learn about consumer payment choices across size of transaction, location, and time. With three years of data from thousands of stores across the country, we identify important economic and demographic effects; weekly, monthly, and seasonal cycles in payments, as well as time trends and significant state-level variation that is not accounted for by the explanatory variables. We use the estimated model to forecast how the mix of consumer payments will evolve and to forecast ...
Working Paper , Paper 14-9

Journal Article
Consumer sentiment: its causes and effects

This paper finds that consumer attitudes, as reflected in surveys of consumer sentiment, have a significant influence on household purchases of durable goods. Normally, consumer sentiment moves with current economic conditions and bears a stable relationship to a few economic variables. At times of a major economic or political event like the Gulf War, however, consumer sentiment can move independently from current economic conditions. At such times it provides useful information about future consumer expenditures that is not otherwise available.
Economic Review

Journal Article
The household demand for money: estimates from cross-sectional data

Quarterly Review , Volume 12 , Issue Spr , Pages 29-34



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