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Keywords:Consolidation and merger of corporations 

Journal Article
Assessing the fairness of investment bankers' fees

Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 2-7

Journal Article
State anti-takeover statutes

New England Economic Indicators , Issue Q IV , Pages iv-xi

The differential impact on stockholder wealth of various antitakeover provisions

This paper examines the relationship between the passage of six types of corporate antitakeover provisions (supermajority, classified boards, fair-price, reduction in cumulative voting, anti-greenmail and poison pills) and stockholder wealth. Our event study from a sample of 38l firms that adopted 486 antitakeover provisions in the 1984-1988 period indicates a strongly negative effect on stockholder wealth, supporting the management entrenchment view of antitakeover provisions. Moreover, the empirical results of this paper indicate that the market reacts equally negatively to both ...
Research Paper , Paper 9512

Working Paper
The location and quality effects of mergers

Working Papers , Paper 92-5

Conference Paper
The dynamics of market entry: the effects of mergers and acquisitions on de novo entry in banking

Proceedings , Paper 612

Journal Article
Oil merger worries

FRBSF Economic Letter

The consolidation of the financial services industry: causes, consequences, and the implications for the future

This article designs a framework for evaluating the causes, consequences, and future implications of financial services industry consolidation, reviews the extant research literature within the context of this framework (over 250 references), and suggests fruitful avenues for future research. The evidence is consistent with increases in market power from some types of consolidation; improvements in profit efficiency and diversification of risks, but little or no cost efficiency improvements on average; relatively little effect on the availability of services to small customers; potential ...
Staff Reports , Paper 55

Journal Article
Hostile takeovers and the market for corporate control

Economic Perspectives , Volume 13 , Issue Jan

Discussion Paper
A review of corporate restructuring activity, 1980-90

Staff Studies , Paper 161

Journal Article
The cost of restricting corporate takeovers: a lesson from Switzerland

Review , Issue Nov , Pages 3-11



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