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Journal Article
Economic history : Utopia, USA : Efforts to reshape society flourished in the 19th century

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Econ Focus , Volume 14 , Issue 3Q , Pages 32-34

Journal Article
Building capacity for success

The Fed's role in community economic development
The Region , Volume 17 , Issue Dec , Pages 2-6

Journal Article
The cost of Kelo

Contrary to last year's U.S. Supreme Court ruling Kelo v. City of New London, using eminent domain to foster economic development diminishes rather than enhances economic growth and the public good.
The Region , Volume 20 , Issue Jun , Pages 12-16, 42-45

Journal Article
The research literature on Wal-Mart: Some frowns, some smiley faces

Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jan , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
Wal-Mart in the Ninth District: Who, when and how

Background on Wal-Mart in the Ninth District and explanation on the design of the fedgazette's research.
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jan , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Unconventional wisdom

District convention centers reported surprisingly steady activity during the recession, but a building boom and stiff competition could eventually take a toll.
Fedgazette , Volume 17 , Issue Jan , Pages 9-11

Journal Article
The Wal-Mart effect: Poison or antidote for local communities?

The debate over Wal-Mart is a heated one. How can you tell whether the world?s largest retailer is good or bad for your community?
Fedgazette , Volume 20 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
When Chicken Little is wrong

Despite fears, the sky didn't fall on Michigan's Upper Peninsula when Sawyer Air Force Base closed.
Fedgazette , Volume 19 , Issue Jan , Pages 12-14

Journal Article
Kentucky town seeks to build on bourbon and \\"most beautiful\\" titles

The Regional Economist , Issue Oct

Microenterprise and the small-dollar loan market

"Small business" is a designation that includes businesses of many different sizes with varying financial needs and access to credit. Microenterprises ? businesses with fewer than five employees ? are served primarily by the small-dollar loan market, which ranges from payday lending to microloans offered by nonprofit organizations and, to a lesser extent, loans from traditional financial institutions. This Economic Brief explores the need for and challenges facing the small-dollar loan market in the United States.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May



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