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Journal Article
Computer money

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Are there network externalities in electronic payments?

Proceedings , Paper 652

Conference Paper
On the role of bank coalitions in the provision of liquidity

Proceedings , Paper 590

Journal Article
Are checks overused?

This study overturns the conclusion of a 1990 study by David Humphrey and Allen Berger, which found that check float is responsible for the popularity of checks despite their high resource cost compared to electronic payment instruments. The new study examines recent data on the costs of checks and automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments. It finds that the value of check float has decreased significantly since the 1990 study and is no longer large enough to make checks more attractive than ACH payments. The study also questions whether the idea that float could be responsible for the ...
Quarterly Review , Volume 20 , Issue Fall , Pages 2-12

Journal Article
Modification to Federal Reserve ACH Service effective July 2, 1987

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug

Clearing and settlement of exchange traded derivatives

Derivatives are a class of financial instruments that derive their value from some underlying commodity, security, index, or other asset. Futures and options are common forms of derivatives. This article explains how clearing and settlement systems for exchange traded derivatives work.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

Conference Paper
Assessing derivative market positions

Proceedings , Paper 474

Discussion Paper
Person-to-person electronic funds transfers: recent developments and policy issues

The paper investigates the reasons why person-to-person electronic funds transfers are still not very common in the United States compared with practices in many other countries. The paper also describes recent enhancements to online and mobile banking that provide account holders with low-cost interfaces to manage person-to-person electronic funds transfers via automated clearing house (ACH). On the theoretical side, the paper characterizes the critical mass levels needed for payment instruments to become widely adopted. Given the Fed's long-term heavy involvement in check clearing, the ...
Public Policy Discussion Paper , Paper 10-1



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