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Keywords:Check collection systems 

Journal Article
The economics of Americans’ love affair with checks

Financial Update , Volume 14 , Issue Apr , Pages 2

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, January 27, 1987 (Expedited Funds Availability Act)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Automated check processing

Review , Volume 49 , Issue Jun , Pages 15-16

Journal Article
Check 21 growth shows no sign of slowing

Financial institutions' use of Check 21 continues to grow rapidly. In 2006, the Atlanta Fed processed 10 times as many Check 21 transactions as it did in 2005, and the trend is expected to accelerate.
Financial Update , Volume 20 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Fed’s check modernization initiative in full swing

Financial Update , Volume 14 , Issue Jan , Pages 1, 9

Journal Article
A visible hand: the Fed's involvement in the check payments system

It is common knowledge that the Federal Reserve System was originally set up to provide the nation with a stable currency and a sound banking system. Less well known, however, is why the Fed was given an operating role in the nation's payments system. In this article, James N. Duprey and Clarence W. Nelson describe the problems of the check payments system before the Fed was created, suggest reasons why the private sector was unable to resolve them, and indicate how the framers of the Federal Reserve Act intended to have the Fed resolve them. Duprey and Nelson argue that while a unified ...
Quarterly Review , Volume 10 , Issue Spr , Pages 18-29

Journal Article
Fed pricing and the check collection business: the private sector response

Business Review , Issue Jan/Feb , Pages 13-22

Journal Article
Comment period on same-day payment of checks extended through December 1, 1988

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Sep

Journal Article
The Fed's entry into check clearing reconsidered

Economic Quarterly , Issue Spr , Pages 1-32

Journal Article
Regulation effective January 3, 1994

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Dec


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