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Keywords:Capital investments 

Federal grants during the eighties

Federal grants policy changed significantly during the eighties. Grants to states and localities decreased as a share of GDP, the first sustained decline in aid since the forties. Restrictions on the use of federal funds were eased with the conversion of categorical matching aid programs into unconditional block grants. At the same time, aid to individuals rose at the expense of other major grants categories. Taken together, these changes in federal grants tended to decrease state and local government investment in physical and human capital. I estimate that the decline in federal grants for ...
Research Paper , Paper 9508

Taxes, inflation, and capital formation


Public infrastructure investments, productivity and welfare in fixed geographic areas

Measures of the value of public investments are critical inputs into the policy process, and aggregate production and cost functions have become the dominant methods of evaluating these benefits. This paper examines the limitations of these approaches in light of applied production and spatial equilibrium theories. A spatial general equilibrium model of an economy with nontraded, localized public goods like infrastructure is proposed, and a method for identifying the role of public capital in firm production and household preferences is derived. Empirical evidence from a sample of large U.S. ...
Staff Reports , Paper 104

Changes in the U.S. cycle: shifts in capital spending and balance sheet changes

Research Paper , Paper 9224

Conference Paper
Is there a shortfall in public capital investment? An overview

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 34 , Pages 1-20

Net private investment and public expenditure in the United States 1953- 1984

Staff Memoranda , Paper 87-10

Industrial capacity and industrial investment

This paper examines the relationship between capacity growth and the growth and composition of investment. Because capacity is an index of the maximum sustainable output of an industry, capacity growth is unlikely to be determined solely by the growth of an industry's fixed capital stock. Statistical analysis of two-digit manufacturing industries finds that labor force growth, as well as capital stock growth, also helps explain the growth of capacity over the 5-year periods between Censuses of manufacturing. There is evidence that changes in the composition of an industry's capital stock are ...
Research Paper , Paper 9510

Industry productivity and high-tech investment

Research Paper , Paper 9202



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