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Conference Paper
Tax reform and capital formation

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 29 , Pages 103-152

Working Paper
Learning and excess volatility

We introduce adaptive learning behavior into a general equilibrium lifecycle economy with capital accumulation. Agents form forecasts of the rate of return to capital assets using least squares autoregressions on past data. We show that, in contrast to the perfect foresight dynamics, the dynamical system under learning possesses equilibria characterized by persistent excess volatility in returns to capital. We explore a quantitative case for these learning equilibria. We use an evolutionary search algorithm to calibrate a version of the system under learning and show that this system can ...
Working Papers , Paper 1998-016

Journal Article
Capital from an insurance company perspective

This paper was presented at the conference "Financial services at the crossroads: capital regulation in the twenty-first century" as part of session 5, "International capital allocation at financial institutions." The conference, held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on February 26-27, 1998, was designed to encourage a consensus between the public and private sectors on an agenda for capital regulation in the new century.
Economic Policy Review , Volume 4 , Issue Oct , Pages 183-186

Working Paper
IT and beyond: the contribution of heterogeneous capital to productivity

This paper explores the relationship between capital composition and productivity using a unique and remarkably detailed data set on firm-level investment in the U.S. Using cross-sectional and longitudinal regressions, I find that several capital types, including computers, communications equipment, and software, are associated with current and subsequent years? productivity. The implied marginal products are derived and compared to official data on rental prices; substantial differences exist for a number of key capital types. I also provide evidence of complementaries and substitutabilities ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2004-13

Conference Paper
Patterns of international capital flows and their implications for economic development : general discussion

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Conference Paper
The financial valuation of the return to capital

Proceedings , Issue 4 , Pages 43-104

Working Paper
Fixing Swiss potholes: the importance of improvements

This note sheds new light on the dynamic properties of maintenance and repair and examines the behavior of an additional form of capital spending-that of improvements. The analysis examines a unique long-run data set on Swiss road spending.
Working Papers , Paper 2001-025

Journal Article
Capital formation and competitiveness

FRBSF Economic Letter

Endogenous productivity and development accounting

Cross-country data reveal that the per capita incomes of the richest countries exceed those of the poorest countries by a factor of thirty-five. We formalize a model with embodied technical change in which newer, more productive vintages of capital coexist with older, less productive vintages. A reduction in the cost of investment raises both the quantity and productivity of capital simultaneously. The model induces a simple relationship between the relative price of investment goods and per capita income. Using cross-country data on the prices of investment goods, we find that the model does ...
Staff Reports , Paper 258

Journal Article
The performance of traditional macroeconomic models of businesses' investment spending

The rate of capital formation by businesses has long been among the most closely watched elements of the national accounts. During the last decade, this component of investment attracted considerable interest as capital spending helped support our uncommonly high rate of economic growth. Not only did this spending lift the growth of aggregate demand, it also increased our capacity for supplying goods and services, which in turn could allow output to continue growing rapidly in the future. ; This article analyzes the performance of conventional models of investment spending by comparing their ...
New England Economic Review



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