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COVID-19 Caused 3 New Hires for Every 10 Layoffs

Reports about the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to slow its spread make for grim reading. One especially grim statistic is the number of layoffs. Since early March, just over 28 million persons have filed new claims for unemployment insurance benefits (roughly 30 million if you seasonally adjust).

The Enduring Regional Economic Challenges Associated with the Pandemic

Families in the Eighth District states are already struggling because of the pandemic. Until COVID-19 is reined in, the economic effects will likely endure.
On the Economy

Measuring Evictions during the COVID-19 Crisis

Evictions are a serious risk for households facing job loss and economic upheaval during the COVID-19 pandemic, and temporary policies put in place to protect renters are beginning to expire. To understand how the crisis is affecting evictions, we measured eviction filing activity across 44 cities and counties. As of July 7, 2020, eviction filings have almost returned to their prepandemic levels in places where local bans have expired or where they were never enacted. We find that eviction filings tend to surge after temporary policies expire much more in places that enacted both filing bans ...
Community Development Publications

COVID-19: Forecasting with Slow and Fast Data

Forecasting tools that use slow data can lag significantly behind current economic conditions. What about forecasting tools using fast data?
On the Economy

Household Debt Relief Enters Critical Transition Period

The pandemic elicited many policy responses in support of consumer debt relief. These policies have already expired or will expire in 2022, ushering in a critical period of debt transition.
On the Economy

Journal Article
News Sentiment in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing severe disruptions to daily life and economic activity. Reliable assessments of the economic fallout in this rapidly evolving situation require timely data. Existing sentiment indexes are useful indicators of current and future spending but are only available with a lag or have a short history. A new Daily News Sentiment Index provides a way to measure sentiment in real time from 1980 to today. Compared with survey-based measures of consumer sentiment, this index shows an earlier and more pronounced drop in sentiment in recent weeks.
FRBSF Economic Letter , Volume 2020 , Issue 08 , Pages 05

The Last Resort in a Changing Landscape

Presentation to Money Marketeers of New York University Webinar, New York, New York, by Mary C. Daly, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Tuesday, April 15, 2021

Discussion Paper
Understanding the Racial and Income Gap in COVID-19: Social Distancing, Pollution, and Demographics

This is the third post in a series looking to explain the gap in COVID-19 intensity by race and by income. In the first two posts, we have investigated whether comorbidities, uninsurance, hospital resources, and home and transit crowding help explain the income and minority gaps. Here, we continue our investigation by looking at three additional potential channels: the fraction of elderly people, pollution, and social distancing at the beginning of the pandemic in the county. We aim to understand whether these three factors affect overall COVID-19 intensity, whether the income and racial gaps ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20210112c

Jobs Hardest Hit by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially affected labor markets. Which industries and occupations had the largest employment declines between February and April?
On the Economy

Private Forecasters’ COVID-19 Global Growth Outlook Takes Shape

Private forecasters have anticipated since April 2 that the economy would contract for two consecutive quarters, marking a global recession unlike any seen in peacetime.
Dallas Fed Economics



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