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Keywords:Banks and banking - Texas 

Journal Article
Is the southwest lending boom too much of a good thing?

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 6-10

Working Paper
Bank credit and economic activity: evidence from the Texas banking decline

Financial Industry Studies Working Paper , Paper 91-5

Journal Article
Regional lending in a world of interstate banking

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 11-13

Conference Paper
Implication of the Texas experience for financial regulation

Proceedings , Paper 242

Journal Article
New England banks and the Texas experience

New England banks are currently suffering from problems similar to those that caused the demise of many Texas banks. In both cases, a boom in the real-estate sector was followed by a sharp contraction caused by weakness in the leading sectors of the economy. In both cases, banks had greatly expanded their real-estate lending, and the declining real-estate prices produced substantial loan losses. ; This study suggests, however, that these similarities do not imply that New England will go on to repeat the Texas experience. The author finds that New England does not suffer from construction ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Sep , Pages 55-62

Journal Article
Can low oil prices cripple the Texas banking system?

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 1-7

Journal Article
Statement to Congress, June 22, 1990 (condition of Texas banks and their ability to meet the existing and potential credit demands)

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 632-637

Journal Article
Is Texas overbanked?

A good way to answer that question is to compare the availability of banking services in Texas withavailability in other parts of the country.
Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Breaking out of recession: gauging Texas’ response to Fed stimulus

From the time the U.S. recession began in December 2007 through the subsequent recovery, Texas and the Eleventh Federal Reserve District have outperformed the nation.While economic activity is better in Texas, it remains far from robust. And though Texas employment hasn?t fully reclaimed levels reached before the crisis, the other 11 Federal Reserve districts remain 3 to 8 percent below predownturn employment peaks as a postrecessionary disquiet lingers.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 3-7

Conference Paper
Empirically assessing the role of moral hazard in increasing the risk exposure of Texas banks

Proceedings , Paper 317