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Keywords:Banks and banking - Ratio analysis 

Journal Article
Risk-based standards for capital requirements

Financial Update , Volume 11 , Issue Jul , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Capital ratios as predictors of bank failure

The current review of the 1988 Basel Capital Accord has put the spotlight on the ratios used to assess banks? capital adequacy. This article examines the effectiveness of three capital ratios?the first based on leverage, the second on gross revenues, and the third on risk-weighted assets?in forecasting bank failure over different time frames. Using 1988-93 data on U.S. banks, the authors find that the simple leverage and gross revenue ratios perform as well as the more complex risk-weighted ratio over one- or two-year horizons. Although the risk-weighted measures prove more accurate in ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Jul , Pages 33-52

Journal Article
Joint issuance of host state loan-to-deposit ratios for determining compliance with the Interstate Act

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Measuring the relative marginal cost of debt and capital for banks (summary)

Economic Policy Review , Volume 4 , Issue Oct , Pages 45

Journal Article
Commercial bank profits in 1993

Economic Review , Volume 79 , Issue Jul , Pages 22-41

Regulatory reform of the global financial system

Remarks hosted by the Institute of Regulation & Risk North Asia, Hong Kong
Speech , Paper 52

Journal Article
The choice of capital instruments

A system of bank supervision and regulation should protect taxpayers and the financial system without imposing unnecessary costs on banks. This article focuses on whether existing capital regulations, one of the primary tools of bank supervision and regulation, are imposing unnecessary costs on banks. In particular, the capital requirements may be requiring banks to issue equity when it would be less costly for them to issue subordinated debt. ; The authors obtain evidence on the costs generated by equity issues by examining the type of capital banks issued in response to the capital ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q 2 , Pages 4-17

Journal Article
Issuance of host state loan-to-deposit ratios to determine compliance with section 109 of the Interstate Act

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue May , Pages 326

U.S. experience with bank stress tests

Based on remarks at the Group of 30 plenary meeting, Bern, Switzerland.
Speech , Paper 59

Journal Article
Banking 1987: a year of reckoning

Economic Perspectives , Volume 12 , Issue Jul


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